You’ll be surprised what a pinch of imagination, creativity and basic photography know-how can do. With a little guidance in the fundamentals and some practice, anyone can take better photo with a point and shoot camera.

What is a point and shoot camera?

It’s a basic fixed lens camera, in other words, you can’t change the lens. Some are described as SLR-like for the simple reason that they look like a digital SLR (interchangeable lenses). Plenty of today’s point and shoot cameras are just as feature packed as the those SLR-like cameras. Point and shoot digital cameras are usually more compact than SLR-like. The retail defined lines are kind of blurry.

These are some of my favorite oldies shots I had taken years ago with a simple point and shoot and a mere 3.3 mega pixels. I added some text, printed and framed them.

Natural Elements by Marc Mantha

This first one was taken in our local supermarket. Photo ops are everywhere.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Pick Up Your Point and Shoot Camera
  2. Apply Marc’s Basic Guiding Photography Principles
  3. Practice and Share your photos at the Sharing Forums

It’s not complicated.

You just need to know what the guiding principles are and then start using them. You can learn a lot about photography with a camera for under $300 these days. Some friends of mine recently stayed at a nature lodge on the west coast. Lynette Hunter came back with some great wildlife shots. Ellen Graham-Worling just purchased her point and shoot and is having a great time shooting everything in sight.

For under $300 you can get lots of zoom and mega pixels.

I learned a lot about taking photos with my good old 3.3 mega pixel camera some years ago.

NATURAL ELEMENTS 5 shots series.

Natural Elements by Marc Mantha

Taken from the shoreline of Lake Simcoe just up the road.

Natural Elements by Marc Mantha

Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Natural Elements by Marc Mantha

A beautiful bucket of flowers in front of a Toronto corner market.

Natural Elements by Marc Mantha

A floral vendor in downtown Toronto.

All of these photos were relatively simple shots following an easy principle. Find something interesting and fill the frame.

You can do this!…and more.

In all my years of guiding online education, I’ve seen oodles of people become really good photographers starting out with point and shoot fixed lens cameras.

There was one more thing I had on my side back when I took these photos. Just enough editing know how to be dangerous.

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