There’s a knock at the door. I open and look down to see this this handsome little man. He was shy but  confident to ask “Where’s the chicken?”. It’s Navid, he’s two years old and in for a lot for fun hanging out for the day with Joanne the urban hen.

They’re going to be friends.


Here are some photos…Navid leads the way!

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Children seem to be so tuned in to hens, at least to Joanne who is no stranger to kids in the neighborhood. Many kids with their moms and dads have passed by to see what having a chicken in a backyard is all about. Joanne is glad to oblige and have you as her guest.

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Some of the guests to our backyard grew up with chickens and the idea is all good sense while understanding that a few hens per household with no roosters is fine. A flock of farm hens is not the same as raising a few backyard hens. Every urban hen city sets those simple common sense parameters and limits in their bylaws.

Our other guests to our backyard are surprised at first, followed by curiosity and questions, leaving impressed, more informed and with a fresh point of view.

Most children are magnetically attracted, holding, petting and hand feeding Joanne.

By days end, Navid was a happy mess, ready to be hosed down. He sure had fun.

Learn About Egg Laying Hens

Chicago, NYC, Niagara, Guelph, Vancouver, Victoria – just to name a few of the hundreds of cities that have progressed and allow urban hens. They all report few and most often no complaints with well laid out bylaws that limit the number and support good hen keeping for fresh eggs.

It’s the Best Eco-Pet Going

  • You don’t have to walk it,
  • makes no significant noise or smell,
  • the poop is nutrient rich for the garden,
  • she eats your green waste,
  • doesn’t bark at night,
  • more fun to watch then cable,
  • and gives you an egg nearly every day.

Share your support at this link no matter where you live.

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Sigma-70-300mm-F4-5-6-APO-DG-Macro-TelephotoShooting Telephoto in the Shade (Challenging Light)

Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Telephoto / Macro Lens

I know that Navid is going to be on the move. Using a wide angle lens would mean chasing after him. Using a telephoto lens seems pracitcal. I chose the Sigma 70-300mm (APO version) using Aperture Priority and set the ISO to 640, sometimes 800 to boost the shutter speed because there is considerable shade.

Unless you had a constant aperture lens, your shutter speed will slow down the more you zoom. The constant aperture lenses will tend to be fast lenses around f2.8. Also a handsome price to go with that. Constant aperture means means the f-number remains the same through the full focal lengths of the lens or when zooming in and out.

I once sold my humble Sigma 70-300mm lens, only to buy another one later on. I missed it. It’s such a great price and performs nicely…and does macro too! Get the APO version, it’s better and still way under $300. Check it out here…

Just sitting around with friends, camera in hand creating some fun snapshots.

Have fun and keep on clicking! Go ahead and share your comments too.

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