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Yoast SEO plugin causes WordPress woes.

Some users might find with the latest Yoast SEO plugin update, that their pages aren’t uploading, updating or refreshing anymore. You may not even be able to login to your wordpress admin.

If you manage multiple sites, do a back ups before updating or wait a while until the good people at Yoast SEO get it sorted out.

We did the first troubleshooting course of action. Disable plugins one at a time until the problem is resolved. Then turn the suspect plugin on and off.

Definitely Yoast SEO. Each time the plugin is deactivated, problem solved. Each time activated, problem returns.

It wasn’t just page loads either.

If your having any issues with your WordPress, contact Marc Mantha…click here. 

MarcMantha.com is working because we aren’t using Yoast SEO on that site. 

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