Tasty Toasted Hors D’oeuvres

Like the logo says, it’s not just photography here at MAMA. Super thin baked pizza crust

I like to be creative with food and came up with these pizza hors d’oeuvres.  The crust is ultra thin with a great toasted flavor. The secret is using lasagne noodles for the crust! Not the hard ones in the box, but the pliable fresh noodles or for the really kitchen savvy – home made noodles.

The flavor of the toasted noodle is delicious.Great for entertaining or a quick light snack.

Follow these easy steps:

Keep the toppings very light and thin. Two large tablespoons of sauce is plenty. I like to add a little hot antipasto for some zip or fresh ground pepper will do nicely.

Adding sauce to super thin pizza crust

Spread the sauce out to the edges. Add some basil, fresh chopped if you have it. I have this great organic BBQ sauce I like to drizzle, again very sparingly, just a few drops here and there.World's thinnest pizza crust with fresh basil.

The toaster oven will do just fine. Use the middle rack or one slot lower. You want the underside to become crisp so put it right on the rack. Once the sides are well toasted and browned, it’s ready. Usually about 3 minutes.World's thinnest pizza crust in the oven.

Cut into 6 or 8 squares, let cool for a minute or two and enjoy!Super thin baked pizza crust

Simple, fast, tasty and MAMA approved.

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