A fresh blanket of snow creates some beautiful mono chromatic scenery.

Starting with a triple stitch of photos. Hand held taking three shots with some overlap so PhotoShop’s Photomege has some reference for the digital stitching. I tried different levels of cyan. What do you think?

Click on any images for a larger more detailed view.Panorama Photo Stitching with PhotoShop Winter Scene

Winter Landscape Fresh SnowWinter Snow Fall Shot with Canon 5D Mark III

Compare the Canon 5D Mark III to the 6D

The Canon 5D Mark III is a full frame (large sensor) digital camera. Technically the engineers tell us bigger pixels are better. There really is a difference. Canon recently released the 6D also a full frame sensor, some features slightly scaled back, but at a significantly lower price than the 5D Mark III.

Canon 5d Mark III versus the Canon 6D

They both look the same but the 6D on the right is a little smaller and lighter. It does have a few upsides to the 5d Mark III, like being able to transfer your shots via WiFi and built in GPS.

The 5D still trumps with slightly larger image files, faster continuous shooting (6 fps), bigger screen and greater max shutter speed. The 5D Mark III has a really advanced focus system with 61 points versus the 6D’s 11 points.

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