What a great opportunity, a big thick fresh blanket of of snow!

We got a good dumping of snow, but nothing like the pounding in the eastern United States. It’s the day after and I feel the calling to go out and get some shots. But I have to go out now because the temperature’s going reach well above freezing and we’re expecting rain next!

Yes, you know what’s coming. I’m going out to find what I wasn’t looking for.

Out of a couple hundred shots, I got a good handful.

Vintage Camping Trailer


Lenses Fogging Up?

You might a camera bag or pack. Before heading out into the cold, put you pack out in the garage or the trunk of your car. Let it site there for a while before you head out. With your gear inside the pack or bag, the temperature inside of it changes gradually.

The Lenses

Over the years I’ve settled on a few quality lenses. On this day my choices were the all purpose Canon 24-105mm and the Sigma 70-300mm telephoto.

  1. Wide – 24-105mm Canon L Series
  2. Telephoto / Macro Combo – Sigma 70-300mm (APO version) for Canon (great value)

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