Back to the annual Kipawa River Rally in Quebec for some white water action.This always turns out to be a great environment for photography.

A major event for enthusiasts.

Kipawa White Water Kayak Rally by Marc Mantha

The wild waters and expressions are abundant. Then, the actuall shooting conditions are superb. Even when overcast, the river is mega reflector of light achieving fast shutter speed to freeze frame every last drop.

Kipawa White Water Kayak Rally by Marc Mantha


Kipawa White Water Kayak Rally by Marc Mantha

 Tell us about the gear you used!

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens: 100-400mm Canon L Series

The river acts as a natural reflector, so even if overcast, you’ll be able to achieve fast shutter speeds.

Always shooting in RAW format because I like the pre-editing qualities of the PhotoShop CS6 RAW editor. Namely the shadows and highlight sliders in CS6 are superior to any other version of PhotoShop.

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