What is my baby going to be when they grow up?

The local butcher, a doctor or even a super hero?

This is the Ultimate Photo Series in Creative Infant Photography

Photographs by Malo

Surely your “Smile of the Day”.

MAMA brings you more creative inspiration.  We contacted Malo (aka MondayMonday) in Paris who graciously told us to go ahead and feature this hilariously creative photo series “Un jour mon enfant, tu seras…” or “One day my child, you will be…”

Everyone will have a favorite. Smiles are on the house courtesy of Malo. Check out the links below to see more of Malo’s imaginative photography and commercial endeavors.
Click on any for a detailed view

Malo, thank you for inspiring us!

Malo’s photography

Malo’s commercial art at MondayMonday

MAMA Photography

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