Fun Three in One Door Design

Creativity knows no boundaries no matter what the product…that includes doors.

Slam Doors ThreeStyle design featured at MAMA Photography

Slam Doors ThreeStyle design featured at MAMA Photography

Making the ordinary extraordinary.

Fun with design is always good for a refreshing change to any architectural landscape.

James Lucas is the designer and the company is Slam Doors. This isn’t a prank or prototype. It’s real, fully functional and well crafted. And yes, you can buy one custom made to fit your style.

James Lucas is no stranger to being creative. This is just the tip of his creative iceberg. He’s totally re-invented the chair too.

James is one to watch. His designs are being featured with more regularity and getting worldwide attention.

These are the kinds of innovators we like to feature at MAMA.

If you find something that makes people double take, we’d like to know about people like James.


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