CokeLogo Maturation

Why do logos have to evolve?

A little marketing archeology for you.

When you take a look at these examples, it’s hard to imagine Coca Cola never changing their logo in over 100 years. You’ll see what I mean. No major brand icon changes are taken lightly, and not only do national and continental markets change, the world does.

This article was sparked by some recent logo maturation projects we were doing for a couple of new clients. It was about keeping the recognition value of the identity while giving the logos a more appropriate dressing up for the market place they were competing in.

Pepsi Cola

You can’t deny this rival to Coca Cola as one of the great brand icons of all time.Logo Maturation Brand Evolution Pepsi

Apple Computers

In the beginning it took quite a sudden leap since 1976 and  has stayed true to the “apple-with-a-bite-out-of-it” icon.

Logo Maturation Brand Evolution Apple Computers

Coca Cola aka Coke

Yep, thins go better when you and coke get together. Coca Cola had a big chart topping hit in 1971 with “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (in Perfect Harmony)”. It was huge in the US and UK. You could pick up the 45 (a round vinyl disk played on a turntable) in any record store at the time. Check out the video, click here and sing along.Logo Maturation Brand Evolution Coca Cola


This is rare. A brand identity that comes down to a shape. The Swoosh! Logo Maturation Brand Evolution NIKE


Shell’s brand identity really came to life round about 1948. Since then, it has remained true to the brand identity with periodic refinements. For brand assets, they really own those colors and the graphic shell form.  Logo Maturation Brand Evolution Shell


Intergalactic masters of the department store. Seems they went through a kind of western style thing in mid to late sixties. The more contemporary polish starting coming in the eighties with a pretty fresh update to the current brand standard.Logo Maturation Brand Evolution Walmart

Wasn’t that a fun walk through the evolution of some of the world’s greatest marketing icons?

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