Vilma and Son by Marc ManthaMy dear Vilma has been serving me bake and shark for almost two decades.

Bake and Shark is Trinidad’s finest Caribbean junk food and a must try. You’ll have lot’s of condiments to choose from. The tradition is a dab of pepper sauce and a splash of shado beni (or shadow benny), then work it up from there with whatever you like.

Three things I can count on:

  • The sunrise
  • A great bake and shark
  • Vilma’s warm smile

Vilma has been the most reliable vendor at Maracas Beach all these years. Seems she’s always there 7 days a week. Most vendors are only open on the weekends.

Next year when I return, I’ll bring her a framed print. Shhh…keep it on the down low.

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Vilma's Bake and Shark by Marc Mantha

Vilma and her son.

Thanks Vilma, I might catch you one more time before we head back!

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