Imagine if this was your smashed lens.

Well, lady luck was with me. Not once but twice.

I’ve always advocated the UV filter as a little added protection for your lenses. Even against scratches. Whether a fixed lens or digital SLR with interchangeable lenses. The idea is simple. Better to replace a broken UV filter, then the cost to repair or replace the lens. Of course, you might have a lens warranty, extended or otherwise that makes it less worrisome and a UV filter just couldn’t withstand more severe impact.

Why should I buy a UV filter?

I also like using the UV filter to keep the lens pristine.  This is the second time in my shooting career that the UV filter has saved the day by taking the brunt of force and leaving the lens in perfect condition.

In the above photo, the UV filter is a quality B+W. Replacing the lens costs about 10 times more. It turned out to be pretty cost effective day and helped avoid and unsightly line in the credit card statement.

Here some well known filter and optics brands:

  • B+W Schneider Optics
  • Hoya Lens Filters
  • Cokin Creative System Holders (Graduated Filters)

Note: Cokin has graduated neutral density filters used to balance exposures where you might have a very bright sky and a dark foreground for example. Handy for the serious hobbyist to pro.

Many pros also subscribe to the idea that when using filters, you should be putting a quality filter on the end of a quality lens. Otherwise, why compromise your optics. Makes sense. I concur.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to join in anytime.

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