Marc Mantha HDR Demonstration“It looked great, but as a photo just didn’t work.”

An Uprooted Tree Gets a Lift with HDR

You can see the difference from my average exposure on the right and the improved dimensionality to the finished edit below.

Some photos really do benefit from certain kinds of processing. When I set up for this shot, I had HDR tone-mapping in mind for a photo I expected would not translate well  to a photo. I predicted it would look pretty flat and it did.

Occasionally I drop by Pauleen Cusack’s farm for some photo ops and to see how her chickens are doing. I’m big a fan of egg laying hens.

I found this uprooted tree in the back of the property. It’s every photographers experience from time to time… “It looked great, but as a photo just didn’t work”. In any case I got a shot to share some insights  with you.

The Shot and the Process

Canon EF 24-105mm lens

The Lens used for this Shot

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Autofocus Lens.

I’ve mentioned this lens many times over. I rate this as a  high quality general purpose lens. Although designed for full frame sensors, it works just a well with any other Canon Digital SLR Camera. Yep, its the

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