Jason – Father’s Day

Where’s the little kid in you?

Kids have the most inspiring minds. Just listen and watch. Remember that little kid in you? Still there you know. Set the child free. That’s what Jason Lee does.

He connects with his kids and he can think like them, bringing their imaginations to life through the imagery he creates. So next time you budding photographers think you’re in a slump, remember Jason’s inner child. You have one too!

Most of Jason’s work we’re showcasing here, are a very clever blend of individual shots, while others are just delightfully clever.  For the blending of shots to complete the idea, that’s about thinking ahead. Sort of like…how do I set up some shots to piece the concept to life? Scroll down and take a look. You can probably figure them out.

Now the fun part! The creative imagery of Jason Lee

Following up on Ian Worling’s lead, contacting Jason Lee and getting this article up all took place in a matter of hours. That’s how we roll at MAMA Photography. Oh, and thanks to Ian Worling (again), for bringing Jason and his remarkable creative talent to my attention.



Do you have ideas bubbling?

Let those creative juices flow. Combining photography with photo editing is a great way to build memories and have a ton of fun at the same time. Those kids must love seeing the outcomes of Dad’s work. Imagine showing their friends all the cool photos they have – a zillion giggles!

Anytime you need a little inspiration or a smile, keep this in your Favorites just a click away. Share it with other budding photographers…to be a kid again!

Thanks Jason!

Check out Jason at Flickr. Bet you can’t resist.

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