These ducklings set themselves down to nestle in a narrow beam of sunlight for warmth.

In the original shot, the color, although seemingly natural wasn’t quite right. Somewhat lacking the vibrancy of the warm afternoon sun. Perhaps my choice of White Balance setting took away the warm hues of the afternoon sun? Yes, I am human. In any case some post editing know-how took care of that.

White balance is the key to color trueness. The white balance setting is familiar to most every digital camera on the planet.  Here’s more on white balance and how to use it.

Every time I pick up the camera, one of the first functions I always check is white balance.

The revised shot. Warmer colors. Click to enlarge.

Please help me get out of automatic shooting mode!

Find all those buttons and functions intimidating?

Most anyone can take better photos by applying simple photography basics.

Once you begin getting comfortable with some simple experimenting, you start getting used to changing some basic settings. You’ll get familiar. No more fumbling.

You’ll start developing a second nature just by practicing and having fun. That’s going to result in some photographic gems happening more often.

Click, click, click.