Mick Parker likes to experiment.

Mick Parket Smoke Trails


Mick Parket Smoke TrailsThat could be why his photography just keeps getting better year after year. When you have a sense adventure, you not only learn more about what works, you get another side effect…you have fun.

Here are some of Mick’s recent photos “Smoke Trails”. Mick has added is a mirrored effect that gives them a kind of “organisms from another dimension” appearance or something like those ink blots some psychologists use. They appear to me like psychedelic jelly fish. When you were a kid laying on your back looking at the clouds, you could make out different shapes with your mind’s eye to be faces, creatures and things.

Nice work Mick! Thanks for sharing with us.

Mick Parker's Smoke TrailsMick Parker's Smoke TrailsMick Parker's Smoke TrailsMick Parker's Smoke TrailsMick Parker's Smoke Trails

Step out of the comfort zone, have fun exploring!

The key to growing your photography skills is to keep challenging yourself with new ideas and re-trying old ones. Beginners and professional photographers alike can always grow their skills. Even when you find a niche or style, you can grow within it.

You can find more of Mick Parker’s photos here.

Tips: Photographing Smoke

Here are some tips on how to photograph smoke trails.

Be inspired, try something new!

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