Canadians at large are drinking substandard milk and consuming downgraded butter.

It’s all about pasteurizing and not pasteurizing. Easy as that.

Map of ItalyPasteurizing milk not only kills bacteria, but changes the nutritional dynamics creating a product that barely resembles the quality and nutritional values of milk in it’s intended state – raw (unpasteurized).

After pasteurization, 50% of milk’s calcium is unusable (the body cannot assimilate it). So much for all those milk commercials boasting rich in calcium.

You can buy raw milk in vending machines in Italy. It’s not scary or dangerous, it’s high quality and in it’s highly nutritious natural state. Pasteurized milk on the other hand is nutritionally sub standard compared to raw.

Raw MilkYou might be surprised to learn that people who are so called “Lactose Intolerant” can most often drink raw milk and gain from it’s far superior nutrition. The real fact is that they have a “Pasteurization Intolerance”.

It’s not possible for Mass Milk Distributors to sell Raw Milk safely

Suppressing local raw milk production is important to mass milk distributors. Raw milk production is safe and conducive only to small milk producers. Mass milk distributors could not compete in the raw milk market.

These large scale distributors have to pasteurize because mass distribution and combining milk from various sources has a higher risk of contamination and to a greater population. It’s also necessary to extend the self life so it’s drinkable by the time it reaches your kitchen table.

If raw milk is not allowed, then there’s no such thing as fresh milk in Canada.

It’s not that Competition is Unfair – It’s not Allowed to Happen

Canada has regulations for ALL production and distribution. What we need are separate standards for local or small raw milk production.

Current regulations were established a long time ago for the safety of moving, combining from multiple sources, processing and distribution all on a large scale.

Those current regulations don’t create unfair competition, it keeps any local raw dairy farm competition from even occurring…it’s illegal. How bizarre.

Afraid of The Sleeping Giant

So why should those big pasteurized milk producers be worried about small unpasteurized milk producers?

They’re afraid of the sleeping giant. Small local raw milk producers would begin to spring up and grow by the hundreds, then by the thousands. Mass milk distributors know of the raw threat to their market share and have fought vigorously  to keep it for themselves.

There is no free and competitive dairy market. Consumers have no milk choice.

Freedom to Choose

Some Summary Facts:

Supermarket milk has to be pasteurized or it’s a gamble.

Raw milk does not have to be downgraded by pasteurizing and it’s safe, distributed quickly, locally and at the peak of freshness. The raw milk production standards developed by Micheal Schmidt are practical and proven.

Even though people want raw milk, they can’t get it.

Support for freedom to choose is over 75 %

You buy raw milk or you don’t. Let the market decide. That’s how free market works.

Competition needs to open up so you can make your own milk choices. The regulatory landscape needs to change and support standards for small  local high quality milk producers. Just like we used to.

Raw milk is not a debate, it’s a choice.

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