Joanne the henTaxidermy pets come to life and sing in this new video from indie musician The Erratic Man. And nope, Chuck Testa did not harm any animals in the making of this video.

Innovative, Creative Marketing

The Erratic Man has put a twist on promoting his single by tying in some interactive fun to share on social media. Digital-cross-marketing with social media is not a trend, it’s a standard for most any business.  It’s probably best to show Chuck Testa’s own twist than explain it. You can see Joanne the hen (our pet chicken) singing in the pet choir.

Click here to see Joanne the hen lipsync… – Then, you can add your pet and watch it sing. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

The Actual “Back In The Day” Music Video

I don’t know if it’ll go viral, but it’ll at least put a smile on some faces.

Thanks to roving reporter Jill E. Johnson for finding this little gem.

Thanks again for dropping by.

Have some fun today. 🙂

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