I could live there.

While traveling, the camera might as well be glued to my hand. Up early for the best light of the day – sunrise. Long cast shadows, rich warm colors. Just a few steps out the door and Italy offers up this old farm building. On this day I’m hand holding the camera and watching the shutter speed. I want to keep the aperture number in the mid range so that with my wider angle focal length, everything will be in focus from front to back. Up the ISO setting if need be to boost the shutter speed.

Marc Mantha Italian Morning

Our hosts are the Ciampalini Family. We’ve discussed buying the lot across the street so we could be neighbors. I’ve also fantasized about buying this old farm building to convert into a home. For now, as Giorgio says: “You will be my great friend across the ocean”. Over an evening grappa and flavored cigars, we’ve talked about discovering Italy on scooters or perhaps renting a camper and taking all the back roads. That’s my kind traveling and Giorgio knows the nooks and crannies of Italy.

Giorgio speaks macaroni English and I speak cheeseburger Italian. Yet we understand each other very well. Evening grappa helps bridge the gap too.

Until next time, ciao to my Italian friends who are like family. We will meet again.

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