…But Never Get There.

Two Dead TreesMost of the time I would just pack up and go. Sometimes I had a rough idea for a destination or I knew exactly where I was going and never got there. You know what they say. It’s so much more about the journey than the destination.

I’ve been scavenging and putting some favorite photos from years past into a folder fer fixin. Back then my shooting and editing skills were OK and the photos I’m finding turned out well enough to be able to develop them better today.

Canada is arguably the world’s best backyard and Ontario has more to offer than I might have imagined before I started hitting the trails way back when. Every back road has a story. I don’t know the names of many roads, but point to one of my photos and I can take you there.

A click click here and a click click there.

I can’t resist to add one more.

This is Shadow. He’s belongs to Brian, a hiking buddy. Shadow has been on many a hike with us. Isn’t he a fantastic canine? Click to enlarge.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Wayne Dyer

Hope you’re getting out there and having some fun. If you have any suggestions, drop me a line.

Stay tuned. Stay well.

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