Italy Through The Lens by Marc Mantha20 photographs featuring Verona, Venice and the villages of Cinque Terra.

Italy is a photographer’s paradise. Shifting through thousands of photos will take time. Here’s humble collection for a flavor.

We get by with a little help from our friends.

Much of what Marguerite and I accomplished in Italy was with the help of our dear friends, the Ciampolini Family. They lodged, fed and showed us around. Verona, Venice, villages, towns and hot spots like Peschiera del Garda. Most notable was their warmth and hospitality. The food was always five star with chef Giorgio’s motto of “cibi genuini” (real food). Next, some photos…click to enlarge.

Cinque Terra (Five Lands)

Cinque Terre is a string of five beautiful villages on the north west coast linked by a seaside trail so it is best seen on foot. Minimum of two days, three is better. Many tourist consider staying in nearby La Spezia with a train to take you to Cinque Terra. We found some terrific micro hotels in Cinque Terra cheaper than the average one we stayed at in La Spezia. Book in advance though.

All the villages are linked by train, road and trail. You can easily hike all five towns in a day, but you’ll want to linger, walk the narrow streets and vineyard terraces, have a bite to eat, something to drink and you get the idea.

Cinque Terra ranks high as a favorite having toured Rome, Tuscany region, Florence, Venice, and Verona. I think Giorgio is trying to lure me into Spain next. He knows where to find some tasty paella.

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