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The movie short Signs debuted 4 years ago on Youtube. But it’s in the limelight again because of the similarities to a Walt Disney Oscar nominated animated short titled Paperman. You can see for yourself.

Signs versus Paperman short movies that are very similar

It wasn’t long after Paperman was posted on Youtube that some started to notice similarities. They’re both insanely popular but interesting how Signs gains a resurgence after Paperman’s more current release.

Other than Paperman’s use of paper airplanes versus Signs use of paper signs, the story framework is about the same. A young man vying for the attention and heart of young lady in an adjacent office building in New York City.

I think I prefer Signs. Which one is your favorite?

Barely time for popcorn. Enjoy.


12 minute short film released on YouTube 4 years ago.


About 6 minutes The Oscar nominated animated short by Disney.

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