A while back I was just about to purchase one and canceled. I noticed within the same brand, a notable feature on another model.

Key Feature Advantage Pro Gold II Easy PQR

If there is a panning head above the ball you have two benefits.

  1. You do not need to level the tripod, only the panning head atop the ball.
  2. You can pan vertically. Typically panoramas are always horizontal. Why not vertical too?

I was near completing the order online for the Photo Clam Panning Ball Head PC-40NS when I came across the Pro Gold II Easy PQR with a panning head above the ball.

Pro Gold II Easy PQR

Photo Clam Pro Gold II Easy PQR
Photo Clam Pro Gold II Easy PQR photo by Marc Mantha
Vertical panning has possibilities.

Here’s an initial experiment I plan to expand on called wide angle vertical panoramas.

About ordering from Photo Clam…

It appears that North American Retailers haven’t caught on to Photo Clam products at the time of this article. You can order the line at eBay. It’ll come directly from South Korea for under $400.00 dollars and includes shipping. Regular shipping took 7 days to Canada.

I would suggest for anyone interested, to ensure you would also order the Photo Clam universal quick release plate (PC-10-UP) or a Photo Clam camera specific quick release from the seller. My seller was dsummer. I don’t guarantee anything, other than to tell you I had a very good experience and have to understand I have no retailers here I can walk into if I damage the item or need a repair. Make sure you understand the seller’s product support or lack thereof.

Overall Impressions

I’ve taken at least several hundred shots with this in the last few weeks. The movements are very smooth and characteristic of engineering and manufacturing within very precise tolerances for all adjustments, levers and buttons.

I found the panning motion on some other brands of heads were too tight and at risk of moving the tripod. This model is firm and smooth. There is an adjustment to fine tune the grip of the quick release plate located under the lever. The instructions are in Korean. Being technically inclined, I figured how to adjust that with the tool included. I might only be concerned the average consumer might be frustrated with only illustrations. I did find directions for that adjustment in English.

Very pleased with the product build, quality and functionality.

Here’s a video.

This guy seems to like it a lot.  The demo is showing some lower end models without the upper panning head and levels above the ball.

Oh yeah, this vertical panning is going to be fun!

Are you curious? Have any questions?

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