We’ve all done this at one time or other.

If you have a favorite shot, you can create vastly differing variations of the same scene.

A different time of day and more dramatically, a different season.

More recently the winter photo below with an entirely unique feel from the original summer capture lower down.

Some nature photography tips included.

Nature Photography Tips:

Think of it as “Mining for visual gems.”

  • Don’t forget, you can turn the camera sideways for portrait orientation. Portrait orientation adds lots of visual depth to step into with your eyes, namely at the base of your scene composition all the way through to the distant horizon.
  • Move the zoom in and out and scan from side to side, picking out and clicking the compositions you like.
  • You can zoom out a little when you find a scene you like that might need a little cropping. Better to have more than not enough to work with.
  • Wide angle focal lengths tend to be favorable for nature scenes and full focus from front to back.
  • To keep everything in focus from front to back, move the aperture’s f/number setting higher (using a wide angle lens and focal length is under 50mm).
    • Keep an eye on the shutter speed as you up the aperture f/number. If you start getting down below 1/30 of a second shutter, you might want to use a tripod or risk blurry hand held shots. You may still be able to shoot hand held and compensate by increasing the ISO setting which in turn boosts your shutter speed.
  • Change your physical position. When shooting wide angle, just a few steps in any direction can change your scene a lot.  Look around, try different locations. Look at the landscape for different elevations too. You can get a lot out of a favorite spot by moving around.

The Canadiana Photo Compilation has a number of wide angle scenes.

Get inspired, get out there and shoot. Practice your craft and have fun!

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