Parking Lot Sunset(Click to see a larger, more detailed version)

This is why you bring your camera with you everywhere you go.

Anyone who had a camera was taking shots of this sunset. It’s just one of those moments where you wished you were out in the country or had some impressive architecture in the foreground to go with the awesome sunset happening at the moment.

This will still do just fine.

Stopping by a neighborhood store, I told Marguerite I’d catch up. Pop the trunk and grab the SLR. Quick check on the ISO and the white balance, click, click, click for three shots panned. Two more sets of three just in case. Then, back in the studio to see what happened, stitched them together. Yes, looks like it’s good enough for the blog.

Tip of the day:

How to avoid a foggy lens in winter.

Assuming you have a camera bag, In winter, I put mine in the trunk when traveling. If a good photo op comes up, and they usually do, I’m ready to shoot fog free. Because the camera gear is in a case or back pack, the transition from house to cold will be gradual. Later, when I take it out into the wintry air, it’s cooled down further and acclimatized. Almost never a foggy lens.

Bringing your camera back indoors from the cold, always leave it in the case, sling pack or back pack. This way it again transitions gradually to the temperature swing.

Note: The lens might be OK so check the view finder. Sometimes the warmth from your eye will fog it up on  cold day.

Don’t know about arctic extremes or doing the Iditarod.

Have fun and keep on clicking!

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