There are fish tanks, then there are iMacquariums.

If you’re into aquariums you gotta have a look at how uber cool having fish can be. The world is full of amazing people and creativity without boundaries. Jake Harms is one of those amazing people working at Kickstarting his business.

Jake Harms has created a high quality premium product with an outstanding cool factor. The version of iMacs he’s using (G3s) are a highly recognizable icon.

The Ultimate in Re-Purposing

iMac G3s Get a New Life…

Jake Harms iMacquariums

Jake Harms iMacquariums


Jake Harms iMacquariums


Jake Harms iMacquariums

iMacquariums Gallery

– Click on any for a more detailed view


Jake has a couple of websites :

Jake Harms iMaquariumsFirst and probably most imprtant to Jake right now, is his Kickstarter page.

Secondly, his own personal iMacquariums site.

Jake is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Like so many a great companies, starting out of his garage.

Thanks for sharing with us Jake!

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