Tim Mantoani captures the essence of Oscar Pistorius the “Blade Runner” unlike any other photographer ever has.

There are endless photos of the well known Blade Runner in action, seemingly floating through the air or that split second shot of a powerful take off. They’re great, but there’s something about Tim Mantoani’s capture that is unlike any other of Oscar Pistorius. Oscar is the first athlete of his kind to participate in the Olympic Games, recently in 2012 London.

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Oscar Pistorius The Blade Runner by Photographer Tim Mantoani

What is it about this photo that stands out from other portraits?

The absence of the usual sports venue in the background not only emphasizes the subject but gives a sense of one individual in an open vastness. A vastness of possibility? The metaphors are many and subjective and when a photo produces those, it’s good.

The low profile of the angle of the of the shot is not necessarily creative, but is certainly a more personal view and most fitting for Tim’s capture.

Seeing Oscar Pistorius still, pensive and in a kneeling position removes some of the athlete and gives us more of the person, while by his garb, the athlete is obvious.

The side view of the kneeling position is the simplicity and the genius. A pose and form common for most any human. Yet the flow from the torso through to the legs and into the blades, produces of strong sense of those blades belonging there as personal part of who Oscar Pistorius is and less of an extension of him.

That’s sums up some of the reasons I choose this image as the Portrait of the Year.

Finally, no one needs my narrative to know when a photo is out of the ordinary.

You know it when you see it.

Tim Mantoani is an accomplished photographer. You really should drop by to see more of his creative endeavors.

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