Ian Worling and Ellen Graham Worling hosted us on a brief stop over in Amsterdam and The Hague. We had an excellent walking tour and time to stop for lunch and catch up . Great to see our friends again and let it be known they have the most comfortable guest bed in Holland.

Featuring a super wide panorama stitch

From inside the square of the government buildings in The Hague. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Super Wide Panorama by Marc Mantha

PhotoShop Photomerge

Ian, like “Where’s Waldo?”, did you find yourself in the photo?

The application used is PhotoShop’s Photomerge function. Combined four hand-held shots. I would suggest a tripod for consistent results.

The project details

  • Hand held panning, four shots.
  • Canon 24-105mm lens (like that’s a surprise). Wide angle focal range used.
  • PhotoShop Photomerge  File > Automate > Photomerge

PhotoShop Photomerge dialog box settings

  • PhotoShop Photomerge Dialog BoxFirst, click on Browse and select images from your computer or Add Open Files.
  • Each image must have overlapping photo information so the application has reference points to match up.
  • Select Layout Auto (Experiment with other settings).
  • Check Blend Images Together.
  • Click OK.
  • On the final image, straighten.
  • Crop out blank space.

Photomerging takes some practice and patience in the beginning. Trying a few projects from time to time helps build your intuition for what works.

Other photo-stitching applications:

Photo-stitching opens up a whole new style of photography for anyone willing to be adventuresome. Have fun.

MAMA Photography

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