Macro Coral Photography by Felix Salazar

Macro Coral Photography by Felix SalazarYes, this is all very real. These are alien landscapes from beneath the sea. Close up and through the lens of Los Angeles based photographer Felix Salazar. The colors and textures are rich and brilliant. The spectrum of shapes and vibrant hues are found in variety of subclasses and orders of living coral colonies. Some are like wildly colored bead work or pods of crazy bouquets of sea fruit.

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Felix Salazar brings the remarkable spectrum of forms and color  from the deep sea along with some eye catching sea critters that are of this world and not some alien planet.

Felix Salazar Macro Photography

Macro Coral Photography by Felix Salazar Felix Salazar Macro PhotographyFelix Salazar Macro PhotographyFelix Salazar Macro Photography Felix Salazar Macro Photography

 Felix has a considerable body of work and his website is well worth the visit for any budding photographer.

Felix, thanks for sharing your imagery with us here at MAMA Photography.

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