Reworking a few photos of Daniel for the first time in black and white (slight residual color). They were meant to be like this. Stripping away the distraction of color changes everything.

Some background to these photos

Daniel is a free spirited war veteran, street wise and most often quite comfortable with his way of life on the streets. He muses at the hustle and bustle of us city folk everyday. He’s had his panhandling corner for a very long time and everyone knows him. Daniel had plenty of support from people in the adjacent office tower, the police and even lawyers at the Law Society up the street.

On my trips down to the city, we sat and talked on many occasions. Well, mostly I listened. Daniel had a colorful life filled with adventure and mischief. He spoke like a gypsy philosopher and was a sort of renaissance man with diverse talents.

I haven’t seen Daniel for a few years now. Still when I pass, I look to the corner where I used to delight in his stories, hoping I might by chance see him. Word was that Daniel and his wife were off the streets having been able to obtain some kind of government assistance with the help of others. That may have taken some convincing knowing Daniel.

Stay well Daniel.

Marc’s Workflow Notes:

  • Shot in RAW format
  • Open in PhotoShop RAW editor
  • Save three exposures +2, 0, -2
  • Open and process all exposures in Photomatix Pro, Tone Mapping / Fusion (Fusion used to be Details Enhancer)
  • Save HDR result as JPEG and open in PhotoShop
    • Lab Sharpening Technique (I’ll reissue this technique here at MAMA in an upcoming article. It’s a must know basic for all budding photographers)
    • Image/Adjust/Hue and Saturation and move Saturation slider left
    • Dodge Highlights, burn shadows at about 11% with a soft brush to punch contrast.

Have fun and make photography an adventure. Try new things!

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