I’ve decided to change MAMAphotography.ca for something more functional to a modified WordPress blog for a few reasons.

The typical necessity is a point of contact but more importantly adding ease of content management. A matter of taking time for my own marketing. As the saying goes – The cobbler’s children have no shoes.  I’ll also be adding widgets to tweet and update Facebook right here from the blog. That’s takes care of three birds with one stone. Not that you should be pitching rocks at birds. It’s more efficient overall

With that, I’ll be able to post and group photos in galleries right here so for example, my Facebook friends can come here via a link on Facebook and see what’s new in the visual world of Marc Mantha.

Although this is nothing new for my client’s, there are always new design developments to explore. If you’re not changing, you’re standing still.

The blog comments setting is “on” so anyone can comment here without registering, requiring only your name and email, but there may be some benefits later to registering. I leave that up to you.

If you have any questions, I’m glad to help anyone interested in photography regardless of experience.

In time, Categories will be added as needed in the side margin. We’ll see what those will be as we progress.