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Photographing children comes naturally to Laura Lynne with her organic style.

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Laura Lynne Photography featured at MAMALaura Llynne Photography featured at MAMA
Laura Lynne Photography featured at MAMA

Kids, they light up your life. A few photographers have that combination of patience and timing to capture the magic moment. Laura Lynne Stetser caught our eye here at MAMA.

She’s offered to share some tips and advice too!

Laura has a breadth of creative work. Her children’s photos have a sparkle, a “joie-de-vivre”. Capturing the energies and memorable expressions that would make any parent gleam. She’s also very technically astute in how she frames up her subjects and uses the space in the frame with attention to details like composition.

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Laura Lynne Photography featured at MAMAQ and A with Laura Lynne

MAMA: “Budding photographers often say that photographing children is challenging, sometimes difficult. How do you handle the more challenging kids?”

Laura Lynne: ” I genuinely love working with kids. Having three of my own definitely helps in relating to and working with children and their different personalities. There are steps you can take that help avoid having a difficult child in your studio to begin with.”

Laura Lynne’s Tips From Experience

It’s important to book a session at a time that is right for each child. In my experience, most children are better in the morning versus afternoon.

  • Ask the parents when their child is at their best and book the session around that time.
  • Remind the parents to bring snacks or bottles and to stop for snack times during your session if necessary.
  • Ask the parents to bring favorite items their child loves (ie lovies, stuffed animals, etc). Helps them feel more comfortable in the studio or whatever your location.
  • Give the child time to adjust to your studio or location before you begin shooting and to interact with them a little so they feel comfortable with you.

Laura Lynne Photography featured at MAMA

What if I still have problem child?

If you’ve done all those things and you just happen to have a difficult child on your hands there are a few tricks you can try. The tickler (I learned this from Sandy Puc) – have a few dusters in your studio and introduce the child to them as “the tickler”. I explain that in my studio, if you don’t smile, you get tickled. I show them by tickling mom with the duster, then giving mom control of it. During our session, I’ll coach her to jump in and “tickle” her child with the duster. Of all the simple but oh-so-effective-tips I’ve gleamed from seminars and classes, this is the number one shining gem. Works like a charm. Never tickle in the face and usually works for children 6 months + and older.

Other methods

  • Singing songs like Wheels on the Bus or something they’re familiar with.
  • Playing peek-a-boo from behind the camera.
  • Saying things like “I’m gonna get you!” and hopping in to lightly tickle them.
  • Sometimes, just taking frequent breaks and changing the set.
  • Finally, having mom and dad leave the room can help.

Studio Lights, Indoors, Natural Light, Outdoors, What Do You Prefer?

MAMA: “What are some of the  things you prefer when it come to a photo shoot?”

Laura Lynne: ”  I love it all. I think a blessing/curse with me is I get bored very easily so I’ll never be the photographer to work with one set or one location repetitively. I like mixing it up – after winter, I’m itching to get outside and work with sunlight but I adore my studio and having different props easily accessible and playing with lights and effects. The curse is it can be really expensive to constantly want new backdrops and props so I’m always on the lookout for great thrift store finds or clearance items for props, etc. and I’m a big fan of painted walls (easy to change!) and wallpaper (easy to cover!) and rugs (easy to pull around and create different looks).”
Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM Autofocus Lens

Laura Lynne’s Favorite Lens

MAMA: “What is your favourite or most often used lens(es) and why?”

Laura Lynne: “Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L – I like being close and personal but not too close (or too far) – this lens is a perfect blend for tight and full body shots while remaining in close proximity to your client and it’s sharp, fast and reliable.”

How Did Laura Lynne End Up Here?

“Trial and error, many mishaps, several small successes and making good contacts, then finally forming a solid client base that fits my style, personality and studio. I’m still working to build that client base but I feel that my studio is coming into a place where I’m finally working with people who truly appreciate my art and who I really enjoy working with and who, in turn, enjoy working with me.

I want to work with clients that inspire me to do anything to make them happy because then I know I’m working with people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. It is a business but it’s truly a personal, customer-service driven business.  I refer to my clients as my studio family and for me, they are an extension of my family and friends and that’s the way I want it.”

Laura Lynne’s Business Advice

“Learn everything you can but then make your own decisions based on what works for YOU – don’t set your standards by what other studios do, learn from them but make choices based on what fits your style, your personality and what you want to bring to the industry and to your clients.”

What I like to Photograph For Fun, On My Own Time

“I grew up in the country and learned a lot about my craft by spending days hiking the trails and photographing scenery. I love to escape to the country or small towns and spend days photographing nature, store windows or whatever else inspires me.  Then, every once in awhile, it’s always fun to grab an inspiring subject and just do a shoot for fun where there are no expectations and you can play with posing and light and composition.”

Thanks to Laura Lynne for sharing, inspiring.

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