It’s a Federal Hen Housing Subsidy –

The Federal Government has supported Joanne the hen with building materials. There’s a postal sorting station in the neighborhood that had some shipping palettes and crating out back. I asked If I could have some…”Take all you want.” I was able to reuse nails I pulled and got the rest of what I needed out of the garage. Want to keep Joanne’s carbon foot prints small.

Joanne now has nesting box made up almost entirely of reclaimed wood. The only cost, a couple of 2X4 timbers.

Total cost of $6.06.

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Joanne's hen nesting box made from reclaimed wood

Within 15 minutes she took to it. So I guess the design is chicken approved. I can easily make modification anytime. It’s all a very interesting learning experience.

The Nogg Hen House and Ckicken Coop

It’s pretty big for a nesting box, in fact it’s huge. I just went with the dimension of the wood I had and put it together.

I was doing some research on coops and found this IKEA for chickens.

IKEA for Chickens

House your chickens in style.

A modern chicken coop that looks more like sculpture. The nogg transcends ideas of what a chicken house usually looks like. It is designed to encourage domestic farming while adding a touch of playful elegance.

This one is ultra chic…The Nogg. Finely crafted with and ultra modern design, it’s going to cost you around $2,000. Best be laying some golden eggs.

The Eglu seems more mainstream in price and lots of fun. You can pick a color to match your wellies.

A Chicken in every Back Yard

I did alright for 6 bucks. I’ll consider making an insulated hen house. I’ll make my budget $35 including taxes. Let’s see how I do with that.

I’ll keep you pasted because it’s more fun than keeping you posted.

This is a follow-up from this first posting.

So, what do think?