Recoil Product Featured at Kickstarter

Great Marketing…

  • Find a common problem

  • Solve it

  • Sell it

A great idea, now it’s a prototype looking to go into production.

Tangled cords are the Problem.

The Recoil Winder is the Solution.

RECOIL, What is it?

It’s not just about winding up cords and wires. RECOIL smarter than that.

The two videos below will explain everything. At KickStart, the RECOIL has surpassed it’s target funding by over %1000. That’s not an “extra zero” typo, people have to be excited to back it like they have. Creative brilliance strikes again! They’ve been reviewing production parts already but want to fine tune the quality…that’s always good to hear.

Thanks again to Ian Worling for a MAMA worthy find. We like cool.

The Commercial…

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