The RAW Milk debate in North America.

Michael SchmidtIt’s more than a raw milk debate, it’s a food rights debate.

There’s a lot of fear and misinformation generated by industry and well lobbied government.. All this is doing is denying those who choose it, access to good wholesome food with the best health benefits.

Michael travels throughout Canada and the world on behalf of citizens who want to make their own healthy food choices.

Watch Michael’s presentation and think for yourself.

After watching  you can join Michael Schmidt on Facebook. When the people win this debate, the food rights pendulum starts to swing back towards the people.

Here’s the link for his Power Point Presentation from the National Farmers Union convention in De.

I’ll let Michael’s presentation speak for itself. You’ll be a more informed consumer after today.

Click here to download and watch now.

(When viewing the PowerPoint presentation, use the right arrow key on your keyboard to change slides)




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