Entombed in ice, some are barely recognizable.

A variety of photographers contribute the use of their photos for this outstanding compilation reported to us by Steve Hodge…thanks Steve!

Incredible shots of lighthouses encased in ice or pounded by spectacular mega waves. This is the kind of stuff budding photographers dream of catching. This first one is really cool, pun intended. What an amazing ice structure it’s become.

Click on any image for a larger more detailed view.lighthouse-frozen-by-tom-gillPhoto by Tom Gill

Lighthouse Extreme Nick RussillPhoto by Nick Russill

Extreme Lighthouse Photo by Tom GillPhoto by Tom Gill
Lighthouse Frozen by Tom Gill

Photo by Tom Gill

Extreme Lighthouse by Rafael G. Riancho Photo by Rafael G. Riancho

Timing is Everything

Catching crashing waves are a matter of timing. If you come across opportunities like this. Be patient and take lots of shots without counting on what you see on the cameras built in screen. It’s well worth hanging around and taking your time to catch the right mighty moment.

Creative Commons?

Many photographers offer their images with Creative Commons licenses allowing sharing and distribution in return for credits and links.

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