Sounds absurd, but it’s true.

While standing in line at Nature’s Emporium, the customer before me picked up the organic lemon in her basket and noticed it had a blemish. It wasn’t perfect enough so she ran off to replace it with a better looking one. Familiar? Every year tons of perfectly nutritious conventional and organic food goes to waste. However, brilliant rebranding of the imperfect or “inglorious” foods has emerged. Intermarché has taken an absurd situation and turned it into opportunity.

Introducing the brilliant marketing of Intermarché…

Inglorious Fruits and VegetablesAn Absurd Situation Turned Sensible

We’re encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables every day, yet we through out millions of tons of it every year.

In comes Intermarché the third largest supermarket chain in France. They launched the brand “Les Fruits et Légume Moche” aka the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”. The marketing campaign is brilliant in the face of solving a problem. Check out this outside the box marketing…

Buy the Products Most Growers Through Away

Intermarché  had the gumption to go for it and lead the way. Grocers are competing for dollars in a cluttered market. This is the kind of brilliance that makes a food retailer stand out and get noticed by not just their customers, but their competitors’ customers. The flurry of social network conversation spread widely too. The inglorious products had their own aisle, labeling, even their own spot on the sales receipt.

Intermarché Takes The Imperfect Path to Success and Customers Pay 30% Less. Win, win.

  • Sold out in 2 days
  • 1.2 tons average sales per store (2 days)
  • Increased traffic by 24%
  • Customers pay 30% less
  • Add new product lines that validate the quality like juices and soups
  • Increased awareness about food waste
  • Social networks, over 13 million reached after one month
  • Big impact in the media and journalism

Inglorious Fresh “Organic” Produce by…?

So, who’s going to be the first organic market in Canada to do this with organic produce?

Nature’s Emporium? The Big Carrot? Whole Foods?

Check out the whole story –

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