Magnificently stunning landscapes made out of food.

Imagine the fun living in Carl Warner’s head.

You’ll never see the produce section in your supermarket in the same way…at least Carl doesn’t.

It draws you in because it’s curious and fun to identify the various foods used in his fantasy lands.

FOODSCAPES photography by Carl Warner

“Foodscapes started out as personal project where I wanted to highlight the idea of implied design within the natural world, the qualities within organic forms. I begin by drawing a very conventional landscape using classic compositional techniques as I need to fool the viewer into thinking it is a real scene at first glance. It is the realization of what the real ingredients are that brings a smile, and for me that’s the best part.”

Enjoy this delightfully entertaining eye candy. You can click to enlarge any images.

FOODSCAPES photography by Carl Warner

FOODSCAPES photography by Carl WarnerFOODSCAPES photography by Carl Warner

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