You gotta start somewhere. My first crack at shooting Rugby. Something to do on a Saturday afternoon in the rain. The rain isn’t a reason to stay away, it’s the reason to go. Nothing like a good mud flinging rugby match.

Are You In A Shooting Rut? Try New Things

I love to try new things. You can bet that every time it rains on a Saturday, this is where I’m going. I have a better understanding of how to work the field and shoot the plays, so I expect to grow a finer crop of rugby shots. “More to come” is the credo I suppose. I got a decent little crop to grow from here. (Click any image for a larger detailed view)

The Irish Embassy Rugby by Marc Mantha

I had to get out in the rain and walk the sidelines. Staying back under the overhang just doesn’t cut it. Needed to get to the action. Now that I’ve experienced the play, I’ll be better prepared to anticipate the kind of shooting required. Depending on the play at hand some are better shot in a portrait orientation, others like a good scrum fit a landscape orientation.

Shooting In The Rain

You can use a rain cover over your camera and lens, but the end of your lens is still likely going to get wet. With a long telephoto lens, the lens hood is fairly long, so that helps. What I do is take a quick look around to assess the direction of the angle the rain is falling, then position myself with my back against the rain. The glass on the end of the lens usually stays dry. I always have a couple of bandanas in my pocket to wipe things down and some lens tissue to clean the streaks on the lens when needed.

Do be prepared to get wet and muddy. Lots of that flying around.

Close ups of facial expressions in play are hit and miss, but more of those are on the objectives list.

Hey, thanks for having a look. If you have any questions, ask away.

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