Anything can happen. Anywhere, anytime.

Getting a good shot can be unexpected. Sure sometimes you’ll take your time to consider and set up for a shot, yet other times it’s a commando style hit and run.

Sometimes an interesting photo will do just fine.

Not every photo has to be  great. Yet on occasion, you can surprise yourself.

Here’s a quick walk-by shot. Quick stop, small town…click! In my mind this photo has unanswered questions and I find that appealing. I don’t know at length what it is about this one, I just like it. Photography is like wine and any fine art, subjective.

A Home by Marc Mantha

Know your camera.

Knowing your camera really well is going to help you get out of automatic shooting mode. It’s only a matter of changing your habits. Ease into it by just looking up two functions for starters. Get your camera manual out. In the word index at the back, look up:

  1. ISO
  2. White Balance

Give each function a read, find them on your camera and change them. Take a few clicks with different settings then review them on your computer. That’s pretty much where I started when I decided take creative control. You can too!

Keep your manual with you at all times.

Like so many others, I was never a fan of any manual. That all changed when it came to photography. There really isn’t anything more important than that camera manual if you expect to get more out of photography and your camera. Creative control might seem a little complicated at first, but once it starts to click (pun intended), you’ll be glad you did.

The word index.

At the back of your camera user guide, the word index is a great way to pinpoint what you’re looking for. Keep your manual at your side to look up the basic terms that pop up in the lessons. This will speed up your photography IQ. I still take my camera manual with everywhere. It’s a life saver when situations pop up for some lesser used functions I might need on the go.

Did you do a hit and run lately?

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