Alien Landscape From Above

Alien landscapes from above

Having clicked thousands of cloud photos from airplanes, I wasn’t that impressed until I changed how I looked at them. Imagine them as landscapes. More like scenes of mountains and glaciers. Then it dawned on me that composition could come into the picture, pun intended.

By approaching it more like landscape photography, taking shots of clouds changed.

Always a window seat. On a 6 hour flight, I can easily take 2 of those hours shooting out that little window. I’ll stop shooting once the neck twisting cramps start to settle in.

A lens with some wide angle focal range for cloud fields works for me, typically 24-105mm. You’ll likely not worry about ISO during the day as the scenes can be mighty bright, so your shutter speed with be plenty fast.

By clicking on any of these photos, you’ll see the enlarged version in greater details.

Islands by Marc Mantha

Islands in the sky

The Glacier Field by Marc Mantha

Ocean glaciers

It’s been fun and I’m looking forward to more.

What is a wide angle lens?

A wide angle (zoomed out, pushes scenes away) is typically about at about 50mm focal length and less. Over 50mm is telephoto (zoomed in, magnifies).  A focal length is a range of zoom. For example using the Canon 24-105mm lens is a combination of wide angle and telephoto as some of it’s range is below 50mm down to 24mm (wide angle) and some of the range above 50mm up to 105mm (telephoto).

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