Chicken bone broth is the secret “feel good” ingredient in Mom’s chicken soup.

Just like Mama used to make.

This batch of chicken bone broth simmered for about 36 hours. Adding a splash of cider vinegar will bring out all the healthy goodness from the bones. Don’t add salt until you’re ready to use it with a recipe.

You might bake your chicken bones at 400F for about twenty minutes before the long slow simmer in water.

I use chicken feet known to be the best part for the most nutrient rich broth. Over ten litres at a cost of ten dollars for the chicken feet and no additional cost if you’re using up your chicken bones. Either way, a huge savings over boxed broth.

Use this to replace water in recipes that have cooked rice or quinoa and of course any homemade soups.

Eat well and stay well my friends!

Chicken Soup Bone Broth is the secret ingredient

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