Compilations of photos, art and media.

Oakoak’s Imaginative Street Art

The Everyday Urban Landscape is Oakoak's Visual Playground I recently reached out to Oakoak about featuring his street art here at MAMA. Oakoak was happy to oblige in sharing what he sees in the decay, markings and objects of the [...]

Extreme Lighthouses, Storms and Ice

Entombed in ice, some are barely recognizable. A variety of photographers contribute the use of their photos for this outstanding compilation reported to us by Steve Hodge...thanks Steve! Incredible shots of lighthouses encased in ice or pounded by spectacular mega [...]

Not Another Planet – The World Below

Macro Coral Photography by Felix Salazar Yes, this is all very real. These are alien landscapes from beneath the sea. Close up and through the lens of Los Angeles based photographer Felix Salazar. The colors and textures are rich and [...]

The Mad Photographer – Hand Spun Fireworks

Wild Spinning Sparks! Check out this looped hand spun flying sparks show. Mathieu Degrotte created this great looped animation (gif). The 24 year old France based engineer creates stunning visual art. Depending your connection speed, it might take just a [...]

Underwater Dogs – Freaky Fun!

So what does a dog's underwater expression look like the moment they dive into the pool to fetch? Well, you're about to find out how cool this angle is. This is one of those wild and uniquely creative perspectives that [...]

Double Take – Are They Really Photos?

The stunning portrait drawings by artist Dirk Dzimirsky.   Dirk Dzimirsky's works in his studio in Bocholt, Germany creating hyper realistic drawings. Dirk uses photography as the source for his attention grabbing work. His expositions and shows have captured the [...]

World’s Best Father?

The Creative Photography of Dave Engledow Dave's been up to no good in a fun way, putting himself and his little angel Alice Bee  into all kinds of questionable and visually entertaining situations. Remember our feature of father Jason Lee's [...]

Children Crying – End Times by Photographer Jill Greenberg

Know that no children were harmed, they're just a little ticked off. It's been a controversial body of work. But the gut wrenching expressions could be attributed to the way children exhibit stress and frustration in such a raw and [...]

Steve Byland’s Lucky Shot – A Featured Photo

Great timing Steve! This shot is not a PhotoShop manipulation. In fact, Steve Byland, the photographer, will be the first to tell yout he's too lazy to PhotoShop something like this. Sometimes you're just in the right place at the [...]

When I Grow Up…A Series by Malo

What is my baby going to be when they grow up? The local butcher, a doctor or even a super hero? This is the Ultimate Photo Series in Creative Infant Photography Surely your "Smile of the Day". MAMA brings you [...]

Jelly Beans Gone WIld

Kristen Cumings photo by Samuel Levi Jones Turning Jelly beans into Masterpieces of Art Watch 100 hours unfold in minutes...more ahead! Jelly Belly® Bean Art by Kristen Cumings So what do you do with an unlimited supply of [...]

Lightning Strikes San Francisco Bay Bridge

Awesome Lightning Strike! Phil Mcgrew has only seen lightning 3 times since moving the Bay area two years ago. He got lucky with 3 twenty second exposures shot from the office window being too chicken to get his camera wet [...]

Shelter Dogs

Waiting for a friend... That's what seems to gleam through the eyes of these shelter dogs, the subject of one of Traer Scott's best selling books. Simple near black and white portraits that grab your imagination and feelings. Traer has [...]

Making Magic Photographing Children

"Laura Lynne Photography" Is Fun Photographing children comes naturally to Laura Lynne with her organic style. Click any photo for a more detailed view. Kids, they light up your life. A few photographers have that combination of patience and timing [...]

Art In The Air – Jeffrey Milstein’s View

We see jets. Jeffrey Milstein sees art flying by. "The Jet as Art" is Jeffrey Milstein's latest exhibition at the Smithsonian. Jeff was always fascinated by planes and used to hang out at LAX to catch them flying on by. [...]

There’s a New “Cake Boss” in Town

It's art you can sink your teeth into. Amazing cake creations by sculptor /artist Karen Portaleo. She's been getting a lot of attention and expects to begin teaching in locations around the world. Costa Rica, Kitchener, Sydney and some places [...]

Don’t Play With Your Food – Except For You Carl Warner

Magnificently stunning landscapes made out of food. Imagine the fun living in Carl Warner's head. You'll never see the produce section in your supermarket in the same least Carl doesn't. It draws you in because it's curious and fun [...]

Dream Big – Giant Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr.

I just heard back from Pete Fecteau with his blessing to be featured here on MAMA. Thanks Pete! Made with 4,242 Rubik's Cubes Yes, this art piece is made completely with Rubik's Cubes weighing in at nearly 1/2 ton! The [...]

Ultra Wide Nature with Sigma12-24mm F4.5-5.6 DG HSM II

 Ultra Wide Fun! Click to enlarge photo >> This lens has turned out to be a ton of fun. Starting at 12mm, it dips into the fish eye range, topping at 24mm. It's not a really fast lens, nor does [...]

Angel’s Guardian by Ryan Jaime

Editing Skills Take You To The Limits The better a photographer's skills in digital editing, the more they can present what manifests in their creative minds. Over to Ryan... Everyone knows the idea of a guardian angel, but what about [...]

Kids Rule! with Paul Ripke

"Grown Ups" is a hilarious photo switch up series. This is pure digital fun! Paul has amazing and diverse talents, one of which is to entertain you through digital media. This is a series of photos with really tight editing. [...]

New York City Goes Vertigo with Alfonso Zubiaga

When you think you've seen it all, Alfonso Zubiaga takes digital photography for a loop. Alfonso's technique creates architectural geometry that has a visually magnetic pull. It's just plain cool! The photos were taken from the Rockefeller Center, Empire State [...]

90 Degrees – Fresh Perspective by Stephan Zirwes

Everyday scenes, but like you've never seen before. Stunning head on photos at 90 degrees. Yes, those are skiers. Aerial photography is not new, but the perspectives of Stephan Zirwes are. Nearly all of his photos are direct overhead shots. [...]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Ft. Heather Clemons

A fun and creative approach to great portrait photography. She's refined her craft, grown her experience and the playful creativity is an eyeful of fun. Heather is masterful in the studio with lighting and at getting the most fun out [...]

Featured Portrait Tip by Alison Greenwood

Alison Greenwood is getting attention. She had one of her photos featured on the famous Times Square marquee in New York City. I've known Ali for a few years and have watched her grow into a masterful photographer with a [...]

Earth From Above

"Earth From Above" is the result of the aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand's five-year airborne odyssey across six continents.  It's a spectacular presentation of large scale photographs of astonishing natural landscapes. Every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing [...]

An Awesome World – Photography by Fabio Celeita (HDR)

It's not just the HDR effects. A great photo gets things started. After flying under the radar for a while, Fabio Celeita surfaced again and dove into HDR photography. He picked it up at a pretty intense pace. HDR = [...]

Macro Photography – Back to Basics

Featuring Photos by Eric Diller The possibilities are spectacular. It opens up a whole new world of the minuscule. You just have to try it. You'll need a little persistence though. Top this off with some fairly easy technique and [...]

When I Put The Camera Down

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. In school, this was the kind of thing I got into trouble for.  It developed into a style of cartoon I suppose. I went through these drawings [...]

What Does A Million Dollar Photo Look Like?

Anonymous Art Collector Purchases Peter Lik's New England River Photo, 'One,' For $1 Million It looks like this... Photo by Peter Lik Taken just after dawn, amid breathtaking New England fall foliage, the photograph resembles an Impressionist painting [...]

These Photos Are Smoking!

Mick Parker likes to experiment. Hmmm... That could be why his photography just keeps getting better year after year. When you have a sense adventure, you not only learn more about what works, you get another side have fun. [...]

Salamagica, The Master Digital Artist

You have to see this talent. Incredible imagination and technique. Any budding graphic designer will appreciate the awesome imagery of Ricardo Salamanca (aka Salamagica). Ricardo is a master at gathering photos that will meet the needs of the vision he [...]

Uh Oh, Look What Dad Did!

Jason - Father's Day Where's the little kid in you? Kids have the most inspiring minds. Just listen and watch. Remember that little kid in you? Still there you know. Set the child free. That's what Jason Lee [...]