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Photo Du Jour – Back Alley Flats

A funny thing happened on the way to the dentist... Yes, the "Photo Du Jour" features some back alley flats and graffiti. Yes, even when going to the dentist I walk in with my back pack full of camera gear. [...]

Look Up, Way Up…CN Tower Vertical Panorama

The shot won't fit on most screens, so be ready to scroll through from the tip of the tower right down to street view. My vantage point is the top of a twenty story office building. I was off to [...]

The Great Canadian Rec Room

An area where tall tales are exchanged and some of the greatest table top hockey games of all time have taken place. The purest forms of decor are painted concrete floors and a fine array of garage sales finds. A [...]

How Not To Be A Tourist

You know you've been bitten by the shutterbug when you veer off the beaten path more than you follow it. When I got off the train at Riomaggiore (first, southernmost town of Cinque Terre, Italy) the crowd went to the [...]

You Can Create Point And Shoot Magic!

You'll be surprised what a pinch of imagination, creativity and basic photography know-how can do. With a little guidance in the fundamentals and some practice, anyone can take better photo with a point and shoot camera. What is a point [...]

Turning Photography Into Fun Concepts

Do you ever get an idea to do something creative with your photography skills? You come up with something imaginative and you can kind of visualize it. That just happened to me again. OK then, let's see what transpires this [...]

Rule #1 & Marc’s HDR Photography Secrets Leaked

Always work on a duplicate and keep an unedited original. Why? Your editing skills and technology will change. Favorite shots of the past can be revisited and reworked. However, the optimum situation is to use a digital photo where the [...]

A View Of Manarola, Italy

Manarola is the second village in the chain of five starting from the the south. Attached to the train station by a 200-yard tunnel, the town spills down a ravine to the wild and rugged coastline at the Ligurian sea. [...]

The Other HDR Photographs Gallery

Going through the vault I found various HDR photography projects. Some never published on the internet. If something doesn't work out, delete. But sometimes...some projects  just hang out on the hard drive until I get an inkling. So I'm inkling. [...]

More On Making Panoramas

Manfrotto 804RC2 Pan Tilt Head with Quick Lock I like the simple ball head mount with quick release for my tripod and monopod because it's fast. One clamp to release, set, and shoot. The more typical pan tilt head has [...]

How to Shoot Thundermonks

One More Jam - Thundermonks 2010 "Sorry for the short notice, but are you available this Saturday?" That was the message from Sandra Cowan. Another photographer fell through. Could be fun. A poolside farewell concert by the Thundermonks. [...]

Sites & Cities Of Italy

20 photographs featuring Verona, Venice and the villages of Cinque Terra. Italy is a photographer's paradise. Shifting through thousands of photos will take time. Here's humble collection for a flavor. We get by with a little help from our friends. [...]

Canadiana Photo Compilation

A compilation of Canadian scenes - from farms, parks, conservation areas and random wilderness. Below this first photo are the gallery thumbnails. Over the years, having travelled thousands of miles on Ontario's rural highways and back roads, most of what [...]

MAMA Photography’s New Look

I've decided to change for something more functional to a modified WordPress blog for a few reasons. The typical necessity is a point of contact but more importantly adding ease of content management. A matter of taking time for [...]