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White Water Kayak River Rally

Back to the annual Kipawa River Rally in Quebec for some white water action.This always turns out to be a great environment for photography. A major event for enthusiasts. The wild waters and expressions are abundant. Then, the actuall shooting conditions [...]

White Water Kayak Rally 2014

Back to the annual Kipawa River Rally in Quebec for some white water action.This always turns out to be a great environment for photography. A major event for enthusiasts. The wild waters and expressions are abundant. Then, the actuall shooting conditions [...]

Winter Photography Finishing Touches

It's mid December and winter is taking hold so the landscape changes. I've always liked living here with four very distinct seasons. About every 90 days, your photo opportunities evolve. The river ice is starting to form, the sky is [...]

July Morning Sunrise Today’s Photo

No particular place to go. Yep, that's the usual M.O. Click for a larger detailed view... Then, this is what happens. Using my trusted Canon 24-105mm L lens. I started with the Sigma 12-24mm but it was pushing the horizon [...]

Color Bombing for Big Sisters and Big Brothers

Help me, I've been blinded! Man, this event was huge! Color Me Rad Run 2013 That's the name of the annual event at Downsview Park in north Toronto. Fundraisers can be awesome photo ops when people at every [...]

Animal Farm Fun

Boing! Boing! Jumping Sheep Click on any image to view more detailed images. Get Creative at the Farm Been there, done that can't be in your repertoire. I've been to many farms many times and just when you [...]

Winter Scenes Canon 5D Mark III (Compare 6D)

A fresh blanket of snow creates some beautiful mono chromatic scenery. Starting with a triple stitch of photos. Hand held taking three shots with some overlap so PhotoShop's Photomege has some reference for the digital stitching. I tried different levels [...]

Winter Makes A Come Back

What a great opportunity, a big thick fresh blanket of of snow! We got a good dumping of snow, but nothing like the pounding in the eastern United States. It's the day after and I feel the calling to go [...]

Sunsets – Just Because

Every budding photographer wants to share the experience when they see something awesome. But how many times has your photo not quite measured up to the experience? The Elusive Sunset After all these years of shooting, the sunset is still [...]

Two Horses at Sunrise

Nothing like getting an early start on a foggy morning to just to cruise the back country roads for something I wasn't looking for. I remember these couple of horses with the sun's rays peeping through illuminating the first horse. [...]

Don’t Play Dirty?

You gotta start somewhere. My first crack at shooting Rugby. Something to do on a Saturday afternoon in the rain. The rain isn't a reason to stay away, it's the reason to go. Nothing like a good mud flinging rugby [...]

Monique and Alex – Fall Engagement Photos

Fall is that time of year when nature offers up some of her best eye candy. Add a couple of photogenic people like Monique and Alex and you have great photo ops. We did a combination of close ups, average [...]

Canon 5D Mark III Review and Photo Samples

Let's get down to nitty-gritty. As much as the Canon 5D Mark III has been clouded by the "light leak" controversy we did some research and more recently are actually using one fresh out of the box. I already covered [...]

You and Me are going to be Friends

There's a knock at the door. I open and look down to see this this handsome little man. He was shy but  confident to ask "Where's the chicken?". It's Navid, he's two years old and in for a lot for [...]

“Uh, oh!” PhotoShop Phun of the Day

Having a little fun with PhotoShop doesn't always have to be elaborate effects and hours of work. Something small and simple can easily change the context of a scene. You can guess what that was here. (Click on the image [...]


“It looked great, but as a photo just didn’t work.” An Uprooted Tree Gets a Lift with HDR You can see the difference from my average exposure on the right and the improved dimensionality to the finished edit below. Some [...]

Lake Ice Wide Angle Scenes – 24-105mm Canon L Series

The breaking up of lake ice on a cloudy day made for some decent wide angle shots with lots of texture. With the white ice on lake and the white clouds, these help narrow the dynamic range of light. This [...]

Raising A Chicken In Winter – The Dust Bath Tip

oanne, the fabulous hen, likes to roll around in the dirt from time to time. What's that all about? Chickens need dirt to bath from time to time. It's essential to good chicken health and is how they control mites [...]

The Trail Master – In Memory

Brian Martin and I covered many miles of the Bruce and other trails over the years. Most often we were lead by the Trail Master, Shadow, Brian's dog. When I'd drop by Brian's home Shadow knew exactly what was ahead...a [...]

Getting Rid Of Noise – Night Photography

Featuring The World Famous Toronto Skyline Night photography with long exposures reveals all the ambient light, punches up reflections...but with that comes the noise. The digital grain that sneaks out from the darker areas of your scene. Even when using [...]

Classic Car Drive-By Shooting

Shooting ops pop up everywhere. It happens all the time. This last long weekend I spotted a classic car show sign off the highway. Dropped off the my passengers and headed right back. You can't go wrong photographing  classic cars. [...]

Photo de Jour, Utra Wide 122 Degree HDR

The Seneca Boat House at Sunset - See a larger more detailed image, click on it (really, it's juicy!) Mother Nature springs things on you. Beautiful fleeting moments. Click, click click. I had but a few minutes and this would [...]

Mr. Chimpanzee’s Chip Truck – A Little HDR

A Simple Shot of a Great Canadian icon - The Chip Truck When applying HDR, you don't always have to push it to that famous HDR stylish look. You can keep things real by applying just enough. I'll share some [...]

Over Exposed And In The Dark?

Rocky River Playground At Zion in HDR Let's look at the original first (see right >). (The restored version is further down) Not again. Here's a perfect example of those tourist shots that just don't turn out. One part is [...]

Clouds…Like Alien Landscapes In The Sky

Alien landscapes from above Having clicked thousands of cloud photos from airplanes, I wasn't that impressed until I changed how I looked at them. Imagine them as landscapes. More like scenes of mountains and glaciers. Then it dawned [...]

Exercise Your Shooting Skills – Photo Samples and Tips.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink? Interesting photo ops are right under our noses...even in the kitchen. Here are 3 examples. All shot in a kitchen. A demonstration that you can have fun shooting anywhere, anytime. Flowers in a vase on [...]

Abandoned – Today’s Featured Photo

Something I've always wondered about in this photo that was right under my nose. Look on top of the tire. See the red view-master (since 1939)?  I should have picked it up to see if there was a disk inside. [...]

Shooting Strangers?

I was sitting with photographer Robert Brown and he asked if I had ever been confronted when taking photos in public. Yes, well kind of. Most people don't pay attention, some are politely curious. I can only ever recall a [...]

Commando Style Hit and Run Photography

Anything can happen. Anywhere, anytime. Getting a good shot can be unexpected. Sure sometimes you'll take your time to consider and set up for a shot, yet other times it's a commando style hit and run. Sometimes an interesting photo [...]

Sometimes I Know Where I’m Going…

...But Never Get There. Most of the time I would just pack up and go. Sometimes I had a rough idea for a destination or I knew exactly where I was going and never got there. You know what they [...]

Bad Weather, Better Shots?

With digital, if you learn from your mistakes we can all be geniuses. It's a bright sunny day with blue skies...blah? I'll take a questionable weather forecast anytime when it comes to nature photography. Cloudy with a chance of rain [...]

Niagara Falls

This view is from the Canadian side looking across to the left section of Niagara's famous Horseshoe Falls. I've no idea how many thousands of images I have to go through, but scavenging is always a lot of fun. Recently [...]

Meant To Be In Black & White

Reworking a few photos of Daniel for the first time in black and white (slight residual color). They were meant to be like this. Stripping away the distraction of color changes everything. Some background to these photos Daniel is a [...]

Same Shot, Two Different Nature Photos?

We've all done this at one time or other. If you have a favorite shot, you can create vastly differing variations of the same scene. A different time of day and more dramatically, a different season. More recently the winter [...]

Back To Main Street Part 2 –

It was suggested by R J Smith that a previous panorama scene might look nice if it was snowing. I did return but only after the snow fall.  The winds were otherwise too strong. One day, I'll get the soft [...]

Marc’s Macro Photography

Flowers are the most photographed subjects. I like bugs. Maybe it's that little boy who still lives in me. What ever you prefer, the world of macro photography is fascinating. In an upcoming article, I'll discuss with you some considerations [...]

Vilma’s Hot Bake and Shark – Photo Du Jour

My dear Vilma has been serving me bake and shark for almost two decades. Bake and Shark is Trinidad's finest Caribbean junk food and a must try. You'll have lot's of condiments to choose from. The tradition is a dab [...]

The Other Back Yard – Today’s Photo

While getting some vitamin D out in the sunshine I was alerted of the large lizard on top of the brick wall. After years of tropical and desert travel I finally captured an iguana. Not rare, just elusive to me. [...]

When I Put The Camera Down

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. In school, this was the kind of thing I got into trouble for.  It developed into a style of cartoon I suppose. I went through these drawings [...]

How About A Full 360 Photograph?

Found a great spot with the latest urban graffiti and street art. Return to the back alleys of Queen Street in Toronto - that's the place. The 360 panorama you're going to see totaled about 25 shots and consumes significant [...]