Camera, lenses, tripods, packs and more. How and when to use them.

Winter Photography Finishing Touches

It's mid December and winter is taking hold so the landscape changes. I've always liked living here with four very distinct seasons. About every 90 days, your photo opportunities evolve. The river ice is starting to form, the sky is [...]

July Morning Sunrise Today’s Photo

No particular place to go. Yep, that's the usual M.O. Click for a larger detailed view... Then, this is what happens. Using my trusted Canon 24-105mm L lens. I started with the Sigma 12-24mm but it was pushing the horizon [...]

Winter Scenes Canon 5D Mark III (Compare 6D)

A fresh blanket of snow creates some beautiful mono chromatic scenery. Starting with a triple stitch of photos. Hand held taking three shots with some overlap so PhotoShop's Photomege has some reference for the digital stitching. I tried different levels [...]

Winter Makes A Come Back

What a great opportunity, a big thick fresh blanket of of snow! We got a good dumping of snow, but nothing like the pounding in the eastern United States. It's the day after and I feel the calling to go [...]

Monique and Alex – Fall Engagement Photos

Fall is that time of year when nature offers up some of her best eye candy. Add a couple of photogenic people like Monique and Alex and you have great photo ops. We did a combination of close ups, average [...]

Canon 5D Mark III Review and Photo Samples

Let's get down to nitty-gritty. As much as the Canon 5D Mark III has been clouded by the "light leak" controversy we did some research and more recently are actually using one fresh out of the box. I already covered [...]

Quick Tip – Keep Your Camera Dry In The Rain

Why not shoot in the rain? OP TECH USA DSLR Rainsleeve 2pk Even if you have a back pack, these sleeves are great for actual shooting in rainy weather or rain forests. For lenses up 18 Inches. Simple, inexpensive, easy [...]

The Wait is Over! Canon 5D Mark III

If you've been thinking about going to a full frame sensor, this new release is really sweet. What's a full frame sensor? The sensor is similarly sized to 35mm film. Full frames have superior image quality and overall performance across [...]

Great Product You Can’t Have – Yet

Great Marketing... Find a common problem Solve it Sell it A great idea, now it's a prototype looking to go into production. Tangled cords are the Problem. The Recoil Winder is the Solution. RECOIL, What is it? It's not just [...]

Making Magic Photographing Children

"Laura Lynne Photography" Is Fun Photographing children comes naturally to Laura Lynne with her organic style. Click any photo for a more detailed view. Kids, they light up your life. A few photographers have that combination of patience and timing [...]

REVIEW Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM Lens

The Big Gun It's quite large and fairly weighty. That's why the tripod mount is on the lens for better balance and no undue stress where the lens mount meets the camera. Yes, I'm using a plastic green army man [...]

REVEIW The Nikon D4 – Available February 2012

New Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera Will Retail For 6 Gs Advanced orders are available. Yes, this is one of the big guns. Pro territory. Nicely engineered. Top notch piece of pro gear with full HD Video. Of course it's [...]

Ultra Wide Nature with Sigma12-24mm F4.5-5.6 DG HSM II

 Ultra Wide Fun! Click to enlarge photo >> This lens has turned out to be a ton of fun. Starting at 12mm, it dips into the fish eye range, topping at 24mm. It's not a really fast lens, nor does [...]

Sigma Updates 12-24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens –

Not that the previous version was bad, now the updated version is just going to be better. Sigma 12-24mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens Highlights: Image circle large enough for use with 35mm film SLRs and DSLRs with full-frame sensors. Superior [...]

How Do I Choose A Macro Lens?

Let's stay focused and follow a sensible perspective to narrow down what characteristics you'll look for in a macro lens. Maybe from here, you'll make a decision and start having some macro fun if you aren't already! Photography by Sherry [...]

Shooting Panoramas – A Better Ball Panning Head

A while back I was just about to purchase one and canceled. I noticed within the same brand, a notable feature on another model. Key Feature Advantage Pro Gold II Easy PQR If there is a panning head above the [...]

Photo Clam Panning Ball Head PC-40NS

PC-40NS Black Photo Clam A Panning Head is used to shoot panoramas, a series of photos that overlap to digitally stitch them together for wide dramatic scenes. Just when I thought there wasn't much out there in the [...]

Xi3 4 Inch Cube Computer Starting @ $849

Tip from Carter Apps. Thanks! You just can't ignore it. It's cool. With ever changing technology, today it's an awesome footprint. Starting at $849, you can choose your  color too. I'm looking at my PC right now and thinking about [...]

More On Making Panoramas

Manfrotto 804RC2 Pan Tilt Head with Quick Lock I like the simple ball head mount with quick release for my tripod and monopod because it's fast. One clamp to release, set, and shoot. The more typical pan tilt head has [...]

A Better Mouse Trap Shoulder Strap

Real Product Innovation - Having spent a  good part of my career in the retail industry, some of it as a buyer for a national chain, I have a good appreciation for innovative products. Just days before a trip, I [...]

Wider Angle Without Breaking The Bank?

Fabio has a question. "I am looking for a lens that will give me a little more wide range than the 18-55mm lens that came with my EOS T2i...Can you recommend one that will do "wide angle" type of shots [...]

UV Filter – Why Should I?

Imagine if this was your smashed lens. Well, lady luck was with me. Not once but twice. I've always advocated the UV filter as a little added protection for your lenses. Even against scratches. Whether a fixed lens or digital [...]

Where Do I Store All These Photos?

Thousands of photos. Storage and back up - where does it all go? You know yourself, a vacation can eat up significant hard drive space. I'll share with you some strategies that might help you decide what works best. If  [...]