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The Wait is Over! Canon 5D Mark III

If you've been thinking about going to a full frame sensor, this new release is really sweet. What's a full frame sensor? The sensor is similarly sized to 35mm film. Full frames have superior image quality and overall performance across [...]

How Do You Take Your Protrait? 2D Photography

The ultimate photographer's Rube video by 2D Photography Thanks to Ian Worling for this find... First, what's a Rube? Complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways named after Rube Goldberg. The folks at 2D Photography had a [...]

Great Product You Can’t Have – Yet

Great Marketing... Find a common problem Solve it Sell it A great idea, now it's a prototype looking to go into production. Tangled cords are the Problem. The Recoil Winder is the Solution. RECOIL, What is it? It's not just [...]

Shelter Dogs

Waiting for a friend... That's what seems to gleam through the eyes of these shelter dogs, the subject of one of Traer Scott's best selling books. Simple near black and white portraits that grab your imagination and feelings. Traer has [...]

Making Magic Photographing Children

"Laura Lynne Photography" Is Fun Photographing children comes naturally to Laura Lynne with her organic style. Click any photo for a more detailed view. Kids, they light up your life. A few photographers have that combination of patience and timing [...]

Awful Drawings

As an artist, one of the most difficult things to try and do is to draw badly. But then there are the awful drawings by Mathieu Barrère when combined with his wit, pokes fun at this silly world. His work [...]

Kids Are Awesome

Today's smile. Top end of the cute-o-meter. Every child has awesome in them. White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends" This one could be joining the Youtube million hits club. Produced by D-PAN, the Deaf Professional Arts Network American Sign [...]

A Garage

I love to blend exposures in the laboratory...Muah, ha, ha!  MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out of the ordinary, or just something that makes you smile, we’d like to [...]

REVIEW Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM Lens

The Big Gun It's quite large and fairly weighty. That's why the tripod mount is on the lens for better balance and no undue stress where the lens mount meets the camera. Yes, I'm using a plastic green army man [...]

Speed Finger Painting

Painting nature scenes on small pains of glass in just seconds. It starts off in the middle of a painting Then, the next one is from start to completion. Just plain cool. The world is full of wonderful people. MAMA [...]

Hot Blow Dryer And A Hamster? (The Page Turner)

  No Hamsters Were Injured In The Making Of This Video So what's a hot blow dryer and a hamster have to do with turning a page? This is one of those quirky domino physical action sequences that set's off [...]

Five People Playing One Guitar At The Same Time

This is more than just a YouTube stunt. They're professionals and it's a great tune. Talk about stunning collaboration. It's a real treat to watch. Super viral. Over 4 million served. Nough said. Here it is... Somebody That I Used [...]

Never A Dull Moment On The New York City Subway

Impromptu Musical Duet Between Strangers Breaks Out This one is heading for a million hits on YouTube. Here's the amateur videographer's quote: "Okay- what you are about to watch is a true New York experience. What originally started out as [...]

Celebrities My Mother Met – 60s and 70s

Once upon a time, Windsor was the King of Entertainment. Supper Clubs with big-name entertainment were common. Tom Jones, Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee, Ricky Nelson, Rich Little just to name a few performing celebs around Windsor. A couple [...]

REVEIW The Nikon D4 – Available February 2012

New Nikon D4 Pro DSLR Camera Will Retail For 6 Gs Advanced orders are available. Yes, this is one of the big guns. Pro territory. Nicely engineered. Top notch piece of pro gear with full HD Video. Of course it's [...]

Raising A Chicken In Winter – The Dust Bath Tip

oanne, the fabulous hen, likes to roll around in the dirt from time to time. What's that all about? Chickens need dirt to bath from time to time. It's essential to good chicken health and is how they control mites [...]

The Trail Master – In Memory

Brian Martin and I covered many miles of the Bruce and other trails over the years. Most often we were lead by the Trail Master, Shadow, Brian's dog. When I'd drop by Brian's home Shadow knew exactly what was ahead...a [...]

Getting Rid Of Noise – Night Photography

Featuring The World Famous Toronto Skyline Night photography with long exposures reveals all the ambient light, punches up reflections...but with that comes the noise. The digital grain that sneaks out from the darker areas of your scene. Even when using [...]

I Believe I can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

One of the jumpers admits to his girlfriend he's scared. “I Believe I Can Fly” is a trailer for a documentary by the French director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset that was recently released. Warning: This video will leave you completely inspired.  MAMA [...]

Stickman – Fun Tip of the Day

Be creative. It's simple, dumb fun. Anyone can do it. You're now the art director for your own stickman movie. Thanks to Robert Jones for the fun tip of the day. The kids will love this... OK, your turn. Click [...]

Lovely Owl by Mr Nura T

Simply cute. MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out of the ordinary, or just something that makes you smile, we’d like to know about it. Like this feature?  

Art In The Air – Jeffrey Milstein’s View

We see jets. Jeffrey Milstein sees art flying by. "The Jet as Art" is Jeffrey Milstein's latest exhibition at the Smithsonian. Jeff was always fascinated by planes and used to hang out at LAX to catch them flying on by. [...]

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

It's heading for 7 million hits. Here's one for the ladies. The creative production is very efficient. Showing you 25 variations in under 5 minutes. You never know what's going to make a YouTube hit. If you haven't seen it [...]

Rock on Hippo-Crab!

Amazing and cool animals gone wild. Mad Science with Alethorpe's PhotoShop Creations. It's not viral, just fun. Some of these animal creations were very well thought out. Although most of the animals have no genetic connections, nearly all the textures [...]

There’s a New “Cake Boss” in Town

It's art you can sink your teeth into. Amazing cake creations by sculptor /artist Karen Portaleo. She's been getting a lot of attention and expects to begin teaching in locations around the world. Costa Rica, Kitchener, Sydney and some places [...]

Don’t Play With Your Food – Except For You Carl Warner

Magnificently stunning landscapes made out of food. Imagine the fun living in Carl Warner's head. You'll never see the produce section in your supermarket in the same least Carl doesn't. It draws you in because it's curious and fun [...]

King Kong’s Emotional Side? – Walter Ford

Recently debuted at an exhibition in New York city for the first time. These larger than life paintings show another side the Hollywood icon. This highly accomplished artist wanted to show the more vulnerable King Kong. Interesting slant for a [...]

Dream Big – Giant Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr.

I just heard back from Pete Fecteau with his blessing to be featured here on MAMA. Thanks Pete! Made with 4,242 Rubik's Cubes Yes, this art piece is made completely with Rubik's Cubes weighing in at nearly 1/2 ton! The [...]

Backyard Bounty at the end of October? Relish it!

Garden Vegetables Photo Du Jour I've never had so much still on the vines at this time of year in this growing zone. I should explain the garden is a very humble size, so this is pretty impressive. Yes, most [...]

Classic Car Drive-By Shooting

Shooting ops pop up everywhere. It happens all the time. This last long weekend I spotted a classic car show sign off the highway. Dropped off the my passengers and headed right back. You can't go wrong photographing  classic cars. [...]

Take a Break From the World with “Ormie” Time

World events, politicians, infomercials, reality tv, blah, blah blah. Time for some innocent dumb fun. Take a couple of minutes to let it all go. It's Ormie time! Thanks Jill E. Johnson for sharing with us. MAMA supports the creative [...]

Photo de Jour, Utra Wide 122 Degree HDR

The Seneca Boat House at Sunset - See a larger more detailed image, click on it (really, it's juicy!) Mother Nature springs things on you. Beautiful fleeting moments. Click, click click. I had but a few minutes and this would [...]

What to do with all those Tomatoes?

It's been a good year with more vegetables to come. Started canning tomatoes in late July! A List Of This Year's Fair Tomatoes (Beef Steak, Florida Giants, Cherry, Brandywine and maybe some late Romano) Sweet Red Peppers, Carmen, Mini Round [...]

Mr. Chimpanzee’s Chip Truck – A Little HDR

A Simple Shot of a Great Canadian icon - The Chip Truck When applying HDR, you don't always have to push it to that famous HDR stylish look. You can keep things real by applying just enough. I'll share some [...]

Bring Me Sunshine

Skip the evening news tonight. There are better things that can upgrade your reality. This is also a great way to break up the workday. Here's a video as suggested by Warren Lobo. The Jive Aces present: Bring Me Sunshine [...]

Angel’s Guardian by Ryan Jaime

Editing Skills Take You To The Limits The better a photographer's skills in digital editing, the more they can present what manifests in their creative minds. Over to Ryan... Everyone knows the idea of a guardian angel, but what about [...]

Kids Rule! with Paul Ripke

"Grown Ups" is a hilarious photo switch up series. This is pure digital fun! Paul has amazing and diverse talents, one of which is to entertain you through digital media. This is a series of photos with really tight editing. [...]

New York City Goes Vertigo with Alfonso Zubiaga

When you think you've seen it all, Alfonso Zubiaga takes digital photography for a loop. Alfonso's technique creates architectural geometry that has a visually magnetic pull. It's just plain cool! The photos were taken from the Rockefeller Center, Empire State [...]

5 Key Facts About Twitter

  About 9% of adult Americans use twitter. Around 21 million versus 152 million facebook users. The average twitter user has 27 followers. 25% of twitter accounts have no followers. 40% of twitter accounts have never tweeted. 18% of twitter [...]

5 Key Facts About Facebook

93% of adult US internet users are on facebook. About 152 million. One out or every 8 minutes online is spent on facebook. The average facebook user spends 11 hours a month on it. Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo [...]