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Bannock Recipe a Métis Tradition

Bannock is a tradition of our Métis and Indigenous peoples of North America. There are lots of variations on this very simple Bannock recipe. The truest Bannock recipe would have used some kind of corn meal, because that's what was [...]

Chicken Soup

Chicken bone broth is the secret "feel good" ingredient in Mom's chicken soup. Just like Mama used to make. This batch of chicken bone broth simmered for about 36 hours. Adding a splash of cider vinegar will bring out all [...]

Jimmy Hendrix Foxy Lady Crazy Cover

This is pretty fresh with only about 47,000 views on the day posted here. Insane creative resourcefulness! Typewriter, tin cans, cheese knives, hard hat, tennis racquet and the mic is an old phone handset. The sound and distortions recreated are [...]

Animation for Marketing…It’s more fun!

Streamline Marketing Animation Why do we tell a marketing story using animation? To hold on to site visitors. It works. Streamline Interiors Inc added animation to their website because it's fun and they "need" to tell a story. Their business is rich in [...]

Beach Boys Hit with no Instruments?

Stunning Vocals Only! The Beach Boys doing acapella-a-la-mode featuring their hit Wouldn't It Be Nice? Even if you're not a fan of the music, you have to check this out. Give it a listen.   MAMA supports the creative minds [...]

Eat the Butter?

Take back your plate. Eat the butter? Mothers buy the groceries. They can change the world. Remember how your great grandmother or grams used to eat? Is that the right thing to do now? Was the USDA and Canada's food guide [...]

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Atheists Don't Have No Songs What's not to love about Steve Martin? I can't say that I have a lot of Bluegrass music in my playlist, but this and other remarkably witty lyrics and music by Steve Martin and his group [...]

Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love Over 6 Million Satisfied

Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love Over 6 Million Satisfied Yeah, get ready to be entertained and rock out with your tennis racket and best air guitar with this uber creative version of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love. Don't be fooled [...]

Nothing to See Here Boys, Keep Scrolling…

Nothing to See Here Boys, Keep Scrolling... This is such succulent rendition of Meghan Trainor's "All About The Bass". Scoring huge on Youtube it's going hit 5 million views soon enough. Don't even think for a moment these ladies are there [...]

Awesome Determination, Total Inspiration

Strength, Focus and Determination Blows me away every time. The ultimate motivational story through music and video. This commercial for the Parapan Am Games in Toronto 2015 is sure to inspire. The music is unique blend traditional aboriginal song with [...]

White Water Kayak River Rally

Back to the annual Kipawa River Rally in Quebec for some white water action.This always turns out to be a great environment for photography. A major event for enthusiasts. The wild waters and expressions are abundant. Then, the actuall shooting conditions [...]

Oakoak’s Imaginative Street Art

The Everyday Urban Landscape is Oakoak's Visual Playground I recently reached out to Oakoak about featuring his street art here at MAMA. Oakoak was happy to oblige in sharing what he sees in the decay, markings and objects of the [...]

Be Honest. How Much Does a Teacher Make?

Taylor Mali provides the ultimate comeback for anyone with the audacity to ask what a teacher makes. It's a conversation that may have occurred a million times over... But Taylor Mali is ready for it. Hang onto your hat for his [...]

Little People Blow You Away

Unbelievable talent at such a young age. They blow through their competitive salsa dance routine without missing a beat at an insane pace. At just over 90,000 views to date, this will go much further! They're like really old little [...]

Never Underestimate A Carrot Again

Be patient, the outcome is magnificent. A carrot unlike any other. I'm a big fan of TED (ideas worth spreading). The series never ceases to amaze as it curates the best of the imaginations and creativity of humans. Enjoy, share. [...]

Pancake Beatles?

This is a sight to see. Drawing The Beatles with pancake batter? It's all the about the timing and sequence of drawing the details, which determines the light to dark shades of these fab four pancake drawings. You'll get it [...]

Eating Food Waste in France?

Sounds absurd, but it's true. While standing in line at Nature's Emporium, the customer before me picked up the organic lemon in her basket and noticed it had a blemish. It wasn't perfect enough so she ran off to replace [...]

White Water Kayak Rally 2014

Back to the annual Kipawa River Rally in Quebec for some white water action.This always turns out to be a great environment for photography. A major event for enthusiasts. The wild waters and expressions are abundant. Then, the actuall shooting conditions [...]

Rockin’ Nun Shocks ‘The Voice of Italy’

Yeah, you go Sista! Over 33 million hits and growing.

Recipe for Peperoni Ripieni (Stuffed Peppers)

These stuffed peppers are so delicious, it's crazy. These are amazing with simple ingredients and lots of detailed photos to help! After searching, I could never really find a detailed recipe like Nona Gina's. But I was able to finally [...]

Industrial Trash Style Bookshelf

Yes, "Industrial Trash" is a style. Creative Bookshelf Made of Industrial Pipe Check out this bookshelf made of iron pipes. I was not able to find the owner/photographer of this photo, so should anyone know, I'd love to provide credits [...]

Ice Storm Beauty

The 2013 Ice Storm Estimates with the recent ice storm are that 20% of the tree canopy in Toronto is gone. Conditions were ripe for about three days. Then the temperatures dropped holding the ice on the heavily laden trees. [...]

Way Cool Mega Scale Precussion

Oh no, not another version of the cups song! Yeah, but two things. The percussion on this one is mega scale and it's done in Gaelic! There's something about this kind of large scale cooperation that many find very touching. [...]

Winter Photography Finishing Touches

It's mid December and winter is taking hold so the landscape changes. I've always liked living here with four very distinct seasons. About every 90 days, your photo opportunities evolve. The river ice is starting to form, the sky is [...]

Backyard Chicken Math 101

Raising Backyard Hens is good for your Pocket Book The ongoing cost of raising hens in your backyard has payback! In our region, three healthy egg laying hens will cost you about $20. Backyard hens will also eat your kitchen [...]

New Naming Policy for Hurricanes?

Yes, it's time for a new naming convention to be implemented for naming hurricanes. Why should the innocent be victimes of hurricane naming? Time for a change? Climate name change? Thanks to Ellen Graham Worling...nice find. MAMA supports the creative minds [...]

Topic on Fire! Tying Your Shoe Laces?

Who would have thought that this topic would have over a million hits on YouTube?...   Tying your shoes laces? You would think that one of the life skills you would have mastered by now is tying your shoes, but [...]

July Morning Sunrise Today’s Photo

No particular place to go. Yep, that's the usual M.O. Click for a larger detailed view... Then, this is what happens. Using my trusted Canon 24-105mm L lens. I started with the Sigma 12-24mm but it was pushing the horizon [...]

Color Bombing for Big Sisters and Big Brothers

Help me, I've been blinded! Man, this event was huge! Color Me Rad Run 2013 That's the name of the annual event at Downsview Park in north Toronto. Fundraisers can be awesome photo ops when people at every [...]

The Audience Stops Breathing

Best Creative Performance of Our Time After a few minutes, I wondered if the audience had stopped breathing. There will be a couple of times you think it's over, but then it escalates to another level. Miyoko Shida Rigolo is [...]

Elaborate Tuna Melt? Visual Fun

We've seen lots of Rube Goldberg videos submitted to MAMA, but this could be one of the most complex and creative we've seen. It's actually a music video for A-Trak & Tommy Trash "Tuna Melt". How many takes I wonder? [...]

Incredible Guitarist and Music Passion

Is it true that 4,000 people tried to play this and failed? Andy McKee tops 40 million hits! Heading for 50 million It's Andy McKee. He really knows and understands his guitar very intimately and beyond the usual methods of [...]

Animal Farm Fun

Boing! Boing! Jumping Sheep Click on any image to view more detailed images. Get Creative at the Farm Been there, done that can't be in your repertoire. I've been to many farms many times and just when you [...]

World’s Thinnest Pizza Crust

Tasty Toasted Hors D'oeuvres Like the logo says, it's not just photography here at MAMA. I like to be creative with food and came up with these pizza hors d'oeuvres.  The crust is ultra thin with a great toasted flavor. [...]

Winter Scenes Canon 5D Mark III (Compare 6D)

A fresh blanket of snow creates some beautiful mono chromatic scenery. Starting with a triple stitch of photos. Hand held taking three shots with some overlap so PhotoShop's Photomege has some reference for the digital stitching. I tried different levels [...]

The Color Wheel, Understanding Color

I remember my high school art teacher Monsieur Marchand. He taught us the color wheel, two and three point perspective and composition. Color is key to any kind of visual communication. The true paint artist can create every color of [...]

Viral Cuteness Best Friends (Take a Second Look)

UPDATED: Check out the same behavior in the second video with a wild animal! Human kids and animal kids get the same joy from a puddle of water. Geeze. Since March 2012 and nearing 6 million hits. It's amazing how [...]

When I Grow Up – A Door You Can Grow Into?

Fun Three in One Door Design Creativity knows no boundaries no matter what the product...that includes doors. Making the ordinary extraordinary. Fun with design is always good for a refreshing change to any architectural landscape. James Lucas is the designer [...]

Winter Makes A Come Back

What a great opportunity, a big thick fresh blanket of of snow! We got a good dumping of snow, but nothing like the pounding in the eastern United States. It's the day after and I feel the calling to go [...]

Signs Versus Paperman? Two Movies, Oddly Similar

8 Million Hits Later The movie short Signs debuted 4 years ago on Youtube. But it's in the limelight again because of the similarities to a Walt Disney Oscar nominated animated short titled Paperman. You can see for yourself. It [...]