Things fun, visual, entertaining or interesting. Because fun is good.

120,000 Numbers Without Bursting Your Cerebral Cortex –

Even a 5th grader can understand this. Hans Rosling Makes Education Cool. Hans Rosling's lectures combine massive quantities data to reveal the story of the world's past, present and future development. In this video he tells the story of the [...]

Egg Violence. Viewer Discretion.

Published in 2008, these scared eggs have a reason to be terrified. This video lead to a whole series of talking food gag videos that Daneboe helped create for JibJab and others. Dumb fun...well known. Just a timing coincidence in [...]

Living Like Pioneers In The Suburbs?

Could you really grow everything you need? Imagine driving a truck for about a $1.00 a gallon and producing your own electricity on a household income of about $30,000 a year. It's not a dream. Jules Gervais is doing it [...]

Doll Face

More Best Of The Best Maybe a commentary on how marketing tagets self esteem in the perpetual search for the best unattainalbe self. And it's very entertaining too. A machine with a doll face mimics images on a television screen in search [...]

Elvis Presley Cheetos Painting on Velvet?

Who knew? Artist media just gets more and more creative. Cheese puffs. Add some high speed video and it gets pretty entertaining. Cheetos and Rock 'n' Roll! It's Eclectic Asylum Art. They have lots of imaginative media to choose from [...]

Animator Versus Animation – Best of the Best

When Flash Goes Bad Yes, another all time favorite. Flash Animation Designers wish they'd come up with this. You likely thought about something like it before it ever hit the internet. Alan Becker is the brains behind this creative desktop [...]

Revisiting the Best of the Best in Creative Commercials

Red Versus Green This one came out a few years ago and still reigns as a memorable production. Don't you just love it when advertisers have the gumption to do something different? That's often what good marketing is all about. [...]

Mesmorizing Footwork

Soccer Trivia Diego Maradona was only 16 when he made his soccer debut for Argentina. Soccer is the most played and most watched sport on Earth. Soccer is called football in practically every country except America, who call 'Grid Iron' [...]

Bike Helmets With Real Outer Skins?

These ought to cause some double takes on the open road. This is what we in the industry call "tight" editing. This is entirely plausible as a product line. The marketing agency is certainly touting it's outstanding creativity and PhotoShop [...]

World Order In New York (Genki Sudo)

Nice YouTube find by Ian Worling. I agree with with Ian. Even though I don't know what they're singing about, it's very creative and feels inspiring. They're looping movements in slow mo to regular speed is so cool. Some New [...]

A Safety Message Unlike Any Other

Highly Emotive Highly creative and dramatic depiction to promote seat belts. Very effective and hugely popular video worth sharing with family and friends. It's a happy ending.  MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across [...]

Extreme Digital Makeover

From old to young again. The high speed  video version, less than 3 minutes long. An extreme makeover transformation set to the music of "You are so beautiful". Stunning editing talent by Angela Talbot. This one is for all you [...]

Pure Vocal Magic

You remember Bobby McFerrin? Don't worry, be happy? Well imagine his vocal music on steroids. This is an outstanding performance by The Vocapeople. A virtual symphony of sounds and pop hits with no musical instruments yet producing remarkably big, full [...]

Family Fun In The Swaggah Wagon

Let'em git all up in yah face! Don't you dare go thinkin' Minivaners aren't cool. Watch as the Sienna Family drop their hot new single, Swagger Wagon. This goes out to all you minivan families out there. Fiddy Cent, you [...]

Air Travel – “Over Head” Bin Injury

32 seconds for a quick laugh. The over head bin. Pack it, stuff it, push it in tight. Anything will fit and we'll make it so. Air travelers will relate, but this short clip might not be quite what you're [...]

Imposter…Big Kid Poses As Graphic Designer

I dug up an old hard drive from the vault and found some fun projects I did for a client many years ago. The challenge was to come up with some creative imagery to work into a food industry publication. [...]

Lights, Action, Burger!

Teaching Kids About Food Ads - Ever wonder why that burger looks so great on TV? Why does it look so good? Here's an inside look at the miracles of food styling complete with cardboard and safety pins. Probably a [...]

Bicycles, The Smart Technology

The bicycle rules in Amsterdam. Stay out of the way. If you collide with one, it’s your fault. That how it goes. Visually interesting with geometry’s lines and curves, this simple mode of transportation treads lightly on the planet and it’s resources. The driver provides the power keeping it’s own biological engine fit and the CO2 emissions from the human engine marginal. The vehicle is light, compact and in the land of Holland’s flat plains, the perfect way to get around. Metal and rubber crafted into a long standing smart technology. […]

Incredible Pie-In-The-Face Slow Mo

This short video shows what must have been remarkable patience, and technical trial and error for the makers. This was not a good day to be a bug. Highly creative and an impressive little journey into the world of macro [...]