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The Age Test – What Is This?

Thanks to Warren Lobo for this fun find of the day. If you find cool and interesting stuff, tell MAMA. We want to know. Fun is good. Have some every day.                   [...]

Two Sweet Girls And A Couple of Margarine Tubs?

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Robyn/ Erato cover by Lennon & Maisy Stella. They’re online video sensations. Wonder they’ll be 10 years from now? If they’re good at this age, it’s only going to get better. Let’s check back in a few years from and see. Here’s a flavor of ultimate cute. Enjoy!

When I Grow Up…A Series by Malo

What is my baby going to be when they grow up? The local butcher, a doctor or even a super hero? This is the Ultimate Photo Series in Creative Infant Photography Surely your "Smile of the Day". MAMA brings you [...]

Jelly Beans Gone WIld

Kristen Cumings photo by Samuel Levi Jones Turning Jelly beans into Masterpieces of Art Watch 100 hours unfold in minutes...more ahead! Jelly Belly® Bean Art by Kristen Cumings So what do you do with an unlimited supply of [...]

How to Climb a 1,768 Foot Tower

When Your First Mistake Will Be Your Last It might start with an elevator ride to about 1,600 feet - but that last 178 feet really drives home the old saying, "Your first mistake will be your last". It's a [...]

Fun Find of the Day

USB Bear...Yikes! USB teddy bear holds data, scares children. That's all for this one. Thanks to Elektra IW for this fun find!    MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out [...]

Radical Upcycling – iMacquariums?

There are fish tanks, then there are iMacquariums. If you're into aquariums you gotta have a look at how uber cool having fish can be. The world is full of amazing people and creativity without boundaries. Jake Harms is one [...]

How Do You Take Your Protrait? 2D Photography

The ultimate photographer's Rube video by 2D Photography Thanks to Ian Worling for this find... First, what's a Rube? Complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways named after Rube Goldberg. The folks at 2D Photography had a [...]

Awful Drawings

As an artist, one of the most difficult things to try and do is to draw badly. But then there are the awful drawings by Mathieu Barrère when combined with his wit, pokes fun at this silly world. His work [...]

Kids Are Awesome

Today's smile. Top end of the cute-o-meter. Every child has awesome in them. White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends" This one could be joining the Youtube million hits club. Produced by D-PAN, the Deaf Professional Arts Network American Sign [...]

Speed Finger Painting

Painting nature scenes on small pains of glass in just seconds. It starts off in the middle of a painting Then, the next one is from start to completion. Just plain cool. The world is full of wonderful people. MAMA [...]

Hot Blow Dryer And A Hamster? (The Page Turner)

  No Hamsters Were Injured In The Making Of This Video So what's a hot blow dryer and a hamster have to do with turning a page? This is one of those quirky domino physical action sequences that set's off [...]

Five People Playing One Guitar At The Same Time

This is more than just a YouTube stunt. They're professionals and it's a great tune. Talk about stunning collaboration. It's a real treat to watch. Super viral. Over 4 million served. Nough said. Here it is... Somebody That I Used [...]

Never A Dull Moment On The New York City Subway

Impromptu Musical Duet Between Strangers Breaks Out This one is heading for a million hits on YouTube. Here's the amateur videographer's quote: "Okay- what you are about to watch is a true New York experience. What originally started out as [...]

Celebrities My Mother Met – 60s and 70s

Once upon a time, Windsor was the King of Entertainment. Supper Clubs with big-name entertainment were common. Tom Jones, Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee, Ricky Nelson, Rich Little just to name a few performing celebs around Windsor. A couple [...]

I Believe I can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

One of the jumpers admits to his girlfriend he's scared. “I Believe I Can Fly” is a trailer for a documentary by the French director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset that was recently released. Warning: This video will leave you completely inspired.  MAMA [...]

Stickman – Fun Tip of the Day

Be creative. It's simple, dumb fun. Anyone can do it. You're now the art director for your own stickman movie. Thanks to Robert Jones for the fun tip of the day. The kids will love this... OK, your turn. Click [...]

Lovely Owl by Mr Nura T

Simply cute. MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out of the ordinary, or just something that makes you smile, we’d like to know about it. Like this feature?  

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

It's heading for 7 million hits. Here's one for the ladies. The creative production is very efficient. Showing you 25 variations in under 5 minutes. You never know what's going to make a YouTube hit. If you haven't seen it [...]

Rock on Hippo-Crab!

Amazing and cool animals gone wild. Mad Science with Alethorpe's PhotoShop Creations. It's not viral, just fun. Some of these animal creations were very well thought out. Although most of the animals have no genetic connections, nearly all the textures [...]

There’s a New “Cake Boss” in Town

It's art you can sink your teeth into. Amazing cake creations by sculptor /artist Karen Portaleo. She's been getting a lot of attention and expects to begin teaching in locations around the world. Costa Rica, Kitchener, Sydney and some places [...]

King Kong’s Emotional Side? – Walter Ford

Recently debuted at an exhibition in New York city for the first time. These larger than life paintings show another side the Hollywood icon. This highly accomplished artist wanted to show the more vulnerable King Kong. Interesting slant for a [...]

Dream Big – Giant Rubik’s Cube Mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr.

I just heard back from Pete Fecteau with his blessing to be featured here on MAMA. Thanks Pete! Made with 4,242 Rubik's Cubes Yes, this art piece is made completely with Rubik's Cubes weighing in at nearly 1/2 ton! The [...]

Take a Break From the World with “Ormie” Time

World events, politicians, infomercials, reality tv, blah, blah blah. Time for some innocent dumb fun. Take a couple of minutes to let it all go. It's Ormie time! Thanks Jill E. Johnson for sharing with us. MAMA supports the creative [...]

Bring Me Sunshine

Skip the evening news tonight. There are better things that can upgrade your reality. This is also a great way to break up the workday. Here's a video as suggested by Warren Lobo. The Jive Aces present: Bring Me Sunshine [...]

5 Key Facts About Twitter

  About 9% of adult Americans use twitter. Around 21 million versus 152 million facebook users. The average twitter user has 27 followers. 25% of twitter accounts have no followers. 40% of twitter accounts have never tweeted. 18% of twitter [...]

5 Key Facts About Facebook

93% of adult US internet users are on facebook. About 152 million. One out or every 8 minutes online is spent on facebook. The average facebook user spends 11 hours a month on it. Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo [...]

The Unhuggables –

Strange Encounters of Another Kind Man hugs are widely acceptable in sports bars when a major game is on,  most are rooting for the same team and the big score happens. However, you may encounter an "unhuggable" from time to [...]

Pixar – How Animation Works

Pixar's Zoetrope Based on an old concept to demonstrate animation, the Pixar zoatrope uses real 3D objects to show you how it works. Hey, it's only 2 muinutes, check it out. It's fun. You like fun don't you?  MAMA supports [...]

History Of Hip Hop In 4 Minutes – Sick Beat Box

This ones been doing well at well over 3 million hits on YouTube. You'll see why. French beat box phenomenon EKLIPS performs a 4 minutes history of HIP HOP for Trace Urban... In one take! Take it away EKLIPS...   [...]

Michael Jackson – Rock With You (A Cappella)

The video contains no lip syncing. All the background tracks were filmed as they were being recorded. What you see is what you hear. More great music, all human voices and no instruments. The quality - fantastic. So where do [...]

Big Time Debate in Babyland

What do you think these babies are talking about? Just because children can't speak doesn't mean they aren't aware of how adults behave. These two are acting like they're at the office water cooler talking about which way share prices [...]

1 Minute and 45 Seconds to Reflect

It's not a big YouTube hit. It's very unassuming. Some might find it compelling. If only it were this easy. 1 minute and 45 seconds. MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting [...]

We Are Amazing

The most fascinating species on the planet? Living in the wildest places on earth. Struggling to survive. Uniquely in the animal kingdom, humans have managed to adapt and thrive in every environment on Earth. All the extremes of our planet: [...]

15 Favorite Quotes by Famous Photographers

Imagine, a blog entry here with no photo. There are many thousands of quotes by the great photographers of the world. A few quotes noted here are by authors unknown. A number of them are by Ansel Adams, a master [...]

When I Put The Camera Down

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. In school, this was the kind of thing I got into trouble for.  It developed into a style of cartoon I suppose. I went through these drawings [...]

Marc is Gone!

 MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out of the ordinary, or just something that makes you smile, we’d like to know about it. Did you like this?  

Shouldn’t all advertising be this fun?

"Hey, let's turn a bus shelter into a giant oven people can stand inside of and keep warm." Could you imagine that creative development meeting? The heating elements actually work keeping bus riders in Minnesota warm while they wait. How [...]

The Luckiest People On Earth

Remember this? If not, you're in luck. Pun intended. Have a great day! MAMA supports the creative minds of the planet earth. If you come across something interesting and out of the ordinary, or just something that makes you smile, [...]

The Great Canadian Rec Room

An area where tall tales are exchanged and some of the greatest table top hockey games of all time have taken place. The purest forms of decor are painted concrete floors and a fine array of garage sales finds. A [...]